STATIO: Watch Stands | from Marked By Time

Walnut & Maple based silicone watch stands. Upgrade your overnight & long-term watch storage!


For watch lovers, wearers & collectors:
This is STATIO. The perfect watch stand.

Pronounced Stash-ee-oh (if you like) and meaning both ‘watch’ and ‘stand’ in Latin, STATIO is designed for use with all types of watches and bracelets. It’s made of ultra-soft silicone, paired to a premium hardwood base that is the perfect resting place for your wristwatch.

Walnut STATIO with 2020 Oris Big Crown Pro Pilot

| Two Colour Options |

To compliment all colours of strap, dial and home decor, we’re launching STATIO in two colourways. A dark and light option, both Maple and Walnut work with a huge range watch styles, so the choice is yours – or perhaps you want one of each!

| Dimensions |

We’ve designed STATIO to fit watches and bracelets sized for any wrist. Your watch will rest comfortably on the tapered cone without any pressure being applied to the strap.

| Walnut |

Finished with a hardwood base of walnut, and paired to a dark green/brown hue soft-touch silicone upper. This is our darker finish and shown here with a Tag Heuer Monza Calibre36 Chronograph on brown leather strap.

Tag Heuer Monza Calibre36 Chronograph on brown leather strap.

| Maple |

Finished with a hardwood base of maple, and paired to a beige hue soft-touch silicone upper. The lighter of our two finishes and shown with a 1960’s Omega Seamaster on black leather strap and blue dial.

1960’s Omega Seamaster on black leather strap and blue dial.

| Soft Silicone |

Better than any cushion or watch-roll, our firm yet flexible soft-touch silicone is finished with an anti-static coating to repel dust, grit and moisture. This is the perfect way to safely store your watch.

| Inside Storage & Travel |

Each cone can be popped off the base to reveal a storage space inside. Ideal when travelling with a second watch or jewellery, this catch-tray is great to have on your bedside or desk where small items can be easily misplaced.

| Smartwatches & Chargers |

It’s not just mechanical watches we’ve designed STATIO for. We – like many of you – also wear smartwatches from time to time and need somewhere to charge them that doesn’t take up too much room.

With the charger places in the top of STATIO, and the cable routed through one of the cutouts, your smartwatch can be stored here while charging.

| Bedside, Dresser, Desk or Safe |

STATIO can be placed wherever you keep your watches. For some this is out in the open on their bedside table, others prefer to store them in a drawer or even safe. With STATIO, it keeps your watches elevated from hard surfaces and safely cushioned with no pressure on the strap.

| What About Winders? |

For storage of automatic watches, especially if you have more than one and always want them ready to go when you are, watch-winders can be a great option. However, almost all automatic watches have a long enough reserve on them that they are unlikely to stop overnight – so if it is your daily wear, or you don’t mind taking a few seconds to wind a watch you haven’t worn in a while and set the time/date – STATIO is perfect.

For manually wound movements, quartz/battery or any other type of watch, winders are not used anyway so are not an issue!

| Development |

STATIO has been the passion project of 2022, we knew it was a problem we wanted to tackle and it took a long time for us to finalise the direction we wanted to go in. From there, we tested many different sizes of cone before settling on our final dimensions.

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