Tairona Pocket Projector | Everywhere Cinema & Gaming Screen

Only 277g | Up to 120″ Display | Support Streaming Apps, Mirroring, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI | Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery & Speaker


Owning a projector at home seems like an unrealistic concept for most, but that’s because you were only thinking about the conventional ones. Undoubtedly, they are heavy, bulky, pricey, and they always need many cables and other devices to actually work…

You’ve got problems, and we’ve got solutions.

Now, we’re talking about a small portable cube that can be taken anywhere without the limitations of cables or power sockets, no other extra devices required to stream the series you love, and even compatible with various game consoles! A projector can be so much more, and Tairona is exactly the one you need.

To know the full potential of Tairona, we sent it to 3C enthusiasts and really put it to the test. Check out this video to see the complete unboxing of Tairona Projector!

**In order to show the most authentic performance of our product, all of the projection images shown are actual presentations of Tairona Projector.

A whole cinema experience that fits in your pocket? Yes, please! Tairona is so compact that it can be stored seamlessly almost anywhere without taking up space. And it weighs only 277g (9.7 oz) – not much heavier than the smartphone you carry every day.

Tairona offers great portability and quick setup, take it anywhere and create your own theater experience effortlessly!

Unlike the conventional projectors, Tairona consumes 18W of low energy and the inbuilt battery is enough to last up to 3 hours in eco mode without charging, just as a length of a complete movie!

To extend the playtime even more, simply charge it with a portable power bank when power sockets are not around, or plug it in with the 12V cable. You can go on a movie marathon or an exciting video game battle without worrying about the battery running out!

Turn on Tairona and all the great content is already waiting for you! Download your favorite apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu to personalize the interface. Play games, stream series, blast music, your call!

Integrated Google Play Store and Android 9.0 System, Customize with Your Favorite Apps!

No need to attach the projector to laptop or phone, the inbuilt WiFi function allows you to browse the content freely without extra gadgets. And the internal memory makes it possible to store the content already downloaded. Be spontaneous and start great parties anywhere, anytime!

Struggling with different types of cables? No worries, screen mirroring is supported!

Tairona is compatible with both Apple and Android systems, you can easily synchronize your screen from smartphones or tablets.

Synchronize Content Wirelessly (Photo by iFans)

With its wide compatibility, Tairona can be attached to most home entertainment systems and game consoles. Be it Switch, PS5 or XBOX, plug in the HDMI input to have a great time!

We work with Texas Instruments (TI) to integrate the DLP technology to bring the best viewing experience. By combining the latest TI Pico DLP chip and RGB LED, Tairona projects vivid and crisp images in beautiful colors, possessing the best brightness and saturation among all the mini projectors.

Crisp Image and True Color Accuracy (Photo by iFans)

Our engineers are also devoted to the color adjustment, tuning the color to the shades that best match the color that we see. The true color accuracy brings the real sensation to you as the image’s original color. Tairona also supports up to 4K of high-definition images, revealing all the details during your viewing experience.

4K High Definition Supported (Photo by iFans)
Tairona Projector Shows a Brighter and More Colorful Projection Image than Other Small Size Projectors

The super short-throw ratio of 1.2:1 that allows you to project up to 120” wide screen size within 3.5 meters of distance. Even in a small bedroom, you can easily enjoy the viewing experience just like being in a movie theater!

It only requires 30cm to project a clear image using Tairona. You can make the most out of any space and project the content easily. It is perfect for business presentations, streaming or all sorts of entertainment, you can forget about the limitations of small spaces!

Use It for Dual Monitor or Presentations Outside of Office

Be creative and everywhere can be your cinema! Short throw projection allows you to really optimize the space, you can even project the content on the ceiling inside your car, no need to set up any screen or find a big open space, movie night on road trips is this simple!

Project Contents Inside the Car, Never Get Bored During Long Road Trips

The automatic vertical and horizontal keystone correction (±40°) allows you to say goodbye to the limit of projector locations! Project it from the sides, or even project it to the ceiling when you feel like comfortably lying on your bed. No more unbalanced image, just enjoy the perfectly rectangle and flat screen!

Explore All Angles WIthout Distortion
Stream on Your Ceiling? No Problem! (Photo by Addmaker)

There’s an integrated bluetooth function that allows you to connect to headphones and speakers wirelessly and effortlessly.

Tairona supports Dolby Audio. When you feel like a bit of an upgrade, connect to a Dolby speaker, and the Dolby 5.1 multichannel sound effect will take your entertainment to another level. The three front channels and the twin surround channels create high-quality audio, giving you more depth and realism as if you were really there!

It requires very little energy to run Tairona, thus the heat generated from the device is also very little compared to other bigger projectors or projectors with high lumens, making the heat dissipation efficient and quiet. You can now enjoy the content or focus on the online meeting without distractions!

Hate the remote control that always lags? We feel you. That’s why we designed the air mouse to go with Tairona, working just like a real mouse with the sensitive cursor.

Activate the function by clicking the mouse icon, and with a flick of your wrist, you can control and select the items precisely and quickly, giving you the best and the smoothest user experience. Tairona Projector is also embedded with voice control capabilities that allows you to operate super easily. Simply say the command you want to perform and it works like a charm!

Here’s a short video demonstrating the operation of Air Mouse and voice control in English, Korean and Japanese.

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