Celtic Legacy – Watch With Symbol Of Interconnected Eternity

First watch with Sapphire Crystal Crown inspired by Celtic Era.


The Celtic Legacy collection coming with special unique future – Sapphire Crystal Crown which is first time used in watch production. With this element we tried to bring something new and interesting what is not typically seen in the world of timepieces. The Celtic Legacy is a elegant looking dress watch finished with different type of metals and sapphire glass which can be complemented with leather or steel watch strap according your preference. We believe that watch dial can be extended with numerous number of color shades.

We are very happy to announce that Celtic Legacy have been awarded the Silver A’ Design Award in Jewelry, Eye wear and Watch Design Category by the International Design Academy, the grand jury panel of the A’ Design Award & Competition which consists of internationally influential press members, established designers, leading academics and prominent entrepreneurs.

The A’ Design Award is the World’s most influential and largest design accolade, presented each year in Italy.

We would like to thank all of our friends and partners for their continued support and help along the way.

The A’ Design Award gives recognition to the excellence of design on the international stage.

The Celtic Legacy watch can be considered as dress watch or just watch for daily spin according your mood.

The design idea coming from history and culture of the Celtic era and their artistic symbols. The Celts truly hold a special place in history with their significant artistic symbols. Original Celtic knot designs can be dated back to the 3rd century. They are believed to have represented faith, declare unity between people and in some cases, to protect against evil spirits. Celtic knot famously comprise of one continuous line, with no beginning and no end. A pattern of infinity. All this has strong influence on design development for Celtic Legacy timepieces.

The design sketch and 3D model was developed during pandemic time in 2020 – 2021, but the prototypes are produced this spring 2022 with several month testing. The Celtic Legacy is implementation of Celtic culture and history into timepieces. The reason behind Celtic Legacy design is to create unique looks of watches with feeling of this extraordinary era.

The Celtic Legacy watch collection represent the Celtic art style and its meaning.

The most important element which embodies of Celtic expression in this timepieces is Celtic knot which you can find in watch dial. The combination of a strong, sleek aesthetic and playful design gives these timepieces exceptional character.

The design is the process of developing something new, something specific as product, some item or environment. The design needs to satisfy certain constrains as aesthetic and functional goals. The art is the product of human imaginative activity. I think the art has no limitation in case of rules and constrains. Following those constrains we have first three models in the collection – Celtic Legacy Anthracite, Celtic Legacy Copper and Celtic Legacy Graphite which you can modify with different watch strap according your choice.

Unlocked – Celtic Green
Unlocked Amber Red

As we mentioned the crown is one of the kind in the wrist watch production and is made from two materials – sapphire crystal glass tube and 316 l stainless steel metal.

The dimensions are 6 mm diameter and 4 mm height. The function for this crown are only push in – push out, no screw down and of course winding of the movement.

Front and back of the crown are made from two S/S disks with engraved diamond style grip on the sides. On top of the front disk are another elevated small S/S disc – diameter 5 mm and 1mm thick with MD logo made with 3D print and rose gold IP plating. The disk are connected together with 5 mm diameter glass tube.

We believe this finish of our crown is unique in the world of timepieces and elevate special character and feeling of Celtic Legacy watch design.

The watch case is made of 316l stainless steel metal. The diameter of this case is 40 mm and 12 mm thickness. The overall shape is circle with oval side finish making the watch extremely comfortable to wear.

The case is polished in mirror finish and no other techniques are applied during polishing. The lugs dimension is 20 mm for the watch strap and lug to lug dimension is 47 mm.

There are two significant futures in this case. The first are wholes for the lugs which are cut on the side way proportionally only 2 mm from the edge of the lugs following their shape and the second is inner embossed circle – 2 mm thick around the side of entire case.

For the top cover of dial we used double domed sapphire crystal glass which will complement the watch dial and don’t make any optical distortion as single domed glass.

The watch case back as a watch case is made from stainless steel and fully mirror polished. The case back are screw down with six holdings for rotation and is 10 ATM water resistant.

The shape of case back its domed to collaborate with top sapphire crystal glass.

During pre-campaign we decided to change the finish of case back from fully stainless steel to case back cover which include the sapphire crystal showcase glass.

This implementation can exhibit nicely finished rotor of the Seiko NH72A movement which has interesting ruthenium grey color with Côtes de Genéve rotor.

The dial is made from two pieces of metal disks which each of them has different finish. The top disk of this dial has visible steel circular brush finish technique with IP plating color and thickness of 1 mm. The bottom disk is produced with visible overlapping of circular 5 mm diameter grain-brush technique finish, IP plating color and thickness of 0.5 mm. This disk has one text print Celtic legacy in rose gold color. Those brushing techniques with IP Plating acting as a sunburn or rays finish dial. The top disk has strong future – cut of Celtic knot symbol and for this reason must be minimum 1 mm thick.

The indexes and logo are made with 3D Print technique in rose gold color. For start we offering three different dial colors – Anthracite, Graphite black and Copper.

We used a double domed sapphire crystal glass for a number of real benefits. The design of the double domed sapphire crystal does not create distortion. On top of that, it gives the watch a sharp look.

There are not only optical benefits to the double dome, there are practical benefits for the watch design too. Double domed crystal creates additional space within the watch between the dial and the underside of the crystal. This can help create a slimmer case as the bezel or the side of the case can be reduced in height and additional space gained by the domed crystal.

Making a double-domed crystal is exponentially more difficult as both the interior and exterior surface need to be exactly parallel across the whole dome or distortions will be very evident.

A more practical benefit of double domed crystals is that the dome shape is structurally stronger than an ordinary flat surface, especially when higher pressures are exerted, for example underwater.

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