TASKA™ – Premium Quality Leather Wallet 100% made in Italy

Mogi TASKA™ is a slim unique design wallet with RFID protection, card, cash, and coins holder made up with natural or vegan leather


We are a team of young entrepreneurs with skills ranging from graphics and design to marketing specialists and the leather industry.

We are committed to producing design products, maintaining high standards of quality, sustainability of materials and research of new technologies, but we always better respond to the needs of the consumer market.

Our production is 100% Made in Italy, we have artisan workshops that boast decades of experience in the leather processing sector, and we select only the best quality materials with obsessive attention to detail and aesthetics.

The criteria that our partners must respect are 3:

  • The workshop must share our values and commitment to quality;
  • The workshop must handcraft the products at a constant, high standard.
  • An ideal partner must have the ability to scale if the order quantity requires it.

Our symbols:

We created a logo that resembled the final wallet design.

After several drafts and attempts (and not a few hours of work ) here are the definitive Logo and definitive Brand Name you will find engraved on the wallet.

Hope you will enjoy it.

Since our product is 100% made in Italy, we have tried to keep the original name “Tasca” which in English is translated with “Pocket” replacing the letter “C” with the distinctive curvature of the front side of our TASKA™ wallet that resembles the letter “K”.

Our Path: From prototype(s) to final product

The road to get to the patented design was long and impervious: several revisions with many improvements have contributed (prototype after prototype) to achieve the final design of the TASKA™ wallet.

In order to reach our goal we never forget our motto: “Provide to our Supporters an exclusive product with premium quality materials at an affordable price”.

We paid attention to every detail so that we could create a product that looks great, feels sensitive in your hands, allows you to smell the real perfume of leather and that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Product Specification

Mogi TASKA™ product specification. Note: Weight only 50 gr !!
The difference in thickness between a TASKA™ wallet and a traditional one
is unlockable via Stretch Goals


We have successfully improved our wallet in order to include a tiny NFC Tag.

For those who don’t know:

NFC tags are transponders that operate at 13.56 MHz. They are tiny chips (integrated circuits) connected to an antenna. The chip has a unique ID and a part of rewritable memory. The antenna allows the chip to interact with an NFC reader/scanner, like an NFC smartphone.

You can write information on the available memory of an NFC Chip. This information can be easily read (and executed) by NFC device, like a smartphone or a tablet. You just have to tap the Tag with your device.

Some usage of the NFC Tag includes: contactless payments, sharing contact information as a business card, location tracking, identity verification, access control


The materials selection phase was one of the most time-consuming because we had a lot of effort into looking for the best materials.

TASKA™ wallet is designed to be produced with multiple leather types.

  • Natural Cowhide Leather
  • Vegan-Leather (Unlockable)

Improvements in the direction of (more) sustainability

One of our company goals is to replace natural cowhide leather with 100% vegan leather in order to have less impact on animals and the environment.

To achieve this result we need you to unlock the final stretch goal.

In case this succeeds, we will give you the opportunity to choose this option through the Pledgebox survey after the end of the campaign.

If not, we will later start a new specific campaign with vegan leather or even better, a 100% plant based-leather.

Attention to detail: From leather to product, fine-grained hand-made phases of the projects

Producing leather goods that are of high quality means scrupulously following a precise processing procedure. We are specialized to follow all the various phases of work and each puts our expertise in specific activities, strengthened by our experience.


Cutting is one of the most difficult phases in the processing of bags and the need for a firm and expert hand. The leather can be cut by hand and by shearing, but in the case of large productions, it is possible to proceed with the automatic cut thanks to the collaboration with an external partner.


At the end of each cut that will be used for the insertion of the cards, a hole is engraved, this will reduce the possibility of tears in the leather over time, making TASKA™ more durable over the time.


The model is made up of various parts that must be prepared: the skin cut into pieces must first be debassed, that is, thinned so that it becomes the right thickness to be worked on.
Not all models have leathers of the same thickness, so it is important to follow this step carefully. Then follows the skiving or the process that leads to smoothing the edges of the wallet before being glued.


On the two sides that will close the credit card compartment together, we prefix the RFID protection fabric that will implement the cards’ protection from contactless card skimming.

We will add the NFC tag outside the RFiD fabric durig this step too!


By gluing, the edges of the wallet are joined and thanks to the trimming the margins are evened out. At this point the model begins to take shape and be similar to the final product.


The various parts of the model are then assembled and sewn, and it is at this point that the skill of the hands of the craftsman who works really makes the difference: an imperfect move would compromise the entire work done so far.


The last steps concern the assembly of any metal parts like push buttons, high-quality elastan and decoration elements.


After passing rigorous and meticulous quality control, in order to make sure that every single TASKA™ meets all our standards, we proceed to engrave om the wallet the Logo, the Name and, if chosen, the customized text of the Add-ons!

After that, the product is ready to be packaged and shipped to our backers.


Since TASKA™ wallets are 100% artisanal products, colors may be slightly different from the pictures.

Stretch Goals

Our goal is to create a great product with great power of customizability to all you backers!

In order to reach that we need to set some campaign goals that matches the production site minimum pieces requirement

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