Elvy: Ultimate Radiation-Blocking Night Charger

Enhances your sleep quality and blocks 95% of your phone’s charging radiation

A good night’s sleep improves our life and overall well-being. It is also directly influenced by our phone usage at night.

Elvy Charger is a unique wireless phone charger built to block harmful radiation emitted while charging your phone, providing you with high-quality sleep for better, healthier days.

Our sleep dramatically affects our mental and physical health, from childhood to adulthood. A good night’s sleep, one that boosts our productivity and energy, depends on Alpha Frequency Brain Waves, which our brains produce during sleep. Electromagnetic radiation (EMF & EMR) emitted from our charger and phone affects these Alpha waves and causes us to wake up unrefreshed, regardless of our sleep time.

Kind of like putting our heads in a microwave when we sleep.

Sleeping without an Elvy Charger

Sleeping with an Elvy Charger

Designed to fit seamlessly into your bedroom, the Elvy Charger is made to improve your sleep while maintaining your nightly habits. With Elvy, your phone will function as usual while it charges, enabling you to receive calls and texts from your friends and family, hear your morning alarm and start your next day feeling refreshed.

Elvy’s shield also blocks the blue light emitted from your phone – an artificial color that mimics daylight and makes you feel more alert, impacting your ability to reach a good night’s sleep.

Created with a patent-pending technology for blocking harmful radiation (EMF & EMR) from your charger and phone, tests conducted by certified labs confirmed the Elvy charger reduces EMR by 84.4% and Magnetic Field by 95%.

Certified radiation measurements by an independent standardized EMC lab

The results

The following charts present comparative data of electromagnetic field measurement and electromagnetic radiation when using the Elvy Charger and leading market wireless chargers.

Each chart displays a 360-degree spatial section of the radiation’s intensity, blockage, and scattering in our environment.

When placing the Elvy Charger shield facing the bed, it blocks the radiation emitted from your charger and phone while charging, improving your daily performance and well-being by optimizing your sleep quality.

The Elvy Charger is crafted from advanced materials that are used on spaceships and aircrafts. Offering an optimal charging experience for Qi-enabled phone models, it delivers a fast and safe 15W charge (7.5W for iPhone devices). Every phone in the following dimensions or smaller can be fitted into an Elvy: 9.5mm deep, 82mm wide, and 160mm long.

With no need to take the phone case off (as long as it’s metal free), Elvy stops charging as soon as the battery is full, keeping it safe throughout the night.

Its geometric design, combined with the advanced materials, makes your phone charge just the same while bouncing off and absorbing radiation (EMF & EMR), making every night’s sleep better and healthier

* Demonstrated in certified radiation measuring lab and Independently tested by 3rd party standardized EMC labs.

Elvy’s front is designed as a shield, separating you and the radiation (EMF & EMR) emitted while charging from both charger and phone. Its LED indicates charging. The cradle is made from textured silicone enabling high functionality while ensuring your phone and screen remain clean and unscathed.

The positive effects of a good night’s sleep are evident in all ages, from kids to adults, improving both physical and mental health. Elvy Charger provides you and your loved ones a healthier future through peaceful, radiation-free sleep.

For this reason, you can get your Elvy as a couple or family pack, ensuring your family gets the night they deserve.

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Right from day one, Elvy.ai has pledged to plant a tree for every Elvy ordered or pre-preordered.

A thousand Elvys in trees means filling the size of a football stadium and 6,130 yoga mats placed next to each other all together.

It’s a start

Elvy charger was created by Elvy.ai’s founders, Or, Oded, and Yoni PhD., wanting to build a healthier future for their families and provide better sleep for people around the world.

Now, over a year later and after more than 10 prototypes, Elvy.ai’s growing team has made their dreams into a reality, making many people’s nights safer, healthier, and peaceful with Elvy.

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