KT3 Smart Buds-World first 3 in 1 Smartwatch

Health monitoring| MP3 player|TWS earbuds |Phone calls|GPS motion track |Sports mode All in 1 device

Are you still frustrated with not being able to fit all your devices into one?

The Kentures KT3 All in 1 SMART BUDS is the perfect addition to your mobile lifestyle. Smartwatch Earbuds MP3 Combined in one device, this affordable All in 1 device strives to keep you informed by continuously monitoring your health 24 hours a day, reminding you to stay hydrated and recommending breathing exercises when necessary. The KT3 All-in-One also tracks your activity with training modes designed for running, elliptical training, cycling and hiking, and multisport modes designed for basketball, baseball, soccer, and football.

There are good TWS earbuds out there, but none that provides all the features and specifications in one package as kt3 all in 1 ,Superior High Resolution Sound quality in a pair of ergonomic earbuds with stable connectivity and fast data speed automatic Pairing with 2 devices and seamless switching to the one currently in use.

Next Generation TWS HD True Wireless Earbuds

Download music directly from your phone and even charge your watch on the go. This way you don’t have to carry your phone with you while you work out.

Product Health Monitoring Features

Kentures KT 3 All-in 1 smart buds are the key to everything you need to know about your health, fitness, and the results of all your daily activities. Monitor your heart rate, Body temperature, Blood pressure, Blood oxygen, Sleep monitoring, and Timing heart rate detection. With the help of this device, you can get a notification if you need to work out more or a warning if you have overdone yourself and exerted more pressure. If you exercise while wearing this device. These are basically wearable computers in the shape of a watch.

Heart Rate Tracking

KT 3 tracks heart rate more precisely than any other Smartwatctch, helps you maintain the perfect heart rate for effective training and optimal calorie burn. It monitors your heart rate and alerts you when it detects an abnormally high or low heart rate. It ensures you get the most out of your workout while maintaining a level that is safe and effective for you. So you can safely reach and maintain your target heart rate even during high-intensity training sessions.

Oxygen Tracking

KT3 All in 1 also track your oxygen uptake and respiratory rate to help you achieve your fitness goals. Higher oxygen consumption can generate more energy and thus do more work. As elite athletes know, oxygen consumption is the “gold standard” for overall fitness.

Sports Data Real-time steps measuring

KT3 All in 1 capture and record vital stats like time, cadence, pace alerts, distance and calories burned, and more. Plus, a comprehensive workout history and performance page puts your workout data at your fingertips to track your daily progress, helping you track your progress and achieve your fitness goals. Monitor your sports condition, record step number, distance, calories, and generate data for a specific period of time

The touchscreen lets you track every run and movement of the day. You can even take this wearable with you for running, fitness studio, and other uses.KT3 all in 1 provides a wealth of sources of information about your health and fitness metrics. Therefore, they are considered to be one of the best data collectors for your health. This device is suitable for people of all ages as a necessary parameter for a personal regulator.

Monitor sport workout

  • Measure your distance in meters and steps.
  • Monitor your burning calories according to your exercise intensity.
  • Monitor your heart rate easily from your wrist.
  • Control different sports modes for all-day physical activity.
  • Monitoring and quality control of sleep stage and timing.
  • Number of steps taken and distance along the route.
  • Calculate calorie burn while walking and jogging.
  • Heart rate monitor, heart rate measurement, and collision alert.
  • A parameter that allows you to measure a person’s blood pressure.
  • Monitor and check blood oxygen levels.
  • Reminders to warm up and exercise.

Never miss an important Notification

KT3 receive SMS, email, and social media messages, including Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Skype, Line, Instagram, and other real-time notifications.

KT3 Driver brings high-quality sound, which lets you enjoy incredibly strong bass, crisp mid-range treble, and clear vocals. Optimize the frequency and impulse response of the sound through sound processing to achieve the perfect balance of treble and bass.Created to be both minimal in design and super portable in functionality, these True Wireless Earbuds are light weight and offer a great audio experience that will make them your favorite audio asset.

Touch screen and unique design

KT3 Smart buds come with 20 different interfaces .Choose different background screens according to your preferences.Download pictures to the app to customize the watch face you want.Tap or press the sides of the two earbuds to adjust the volume, change the music play or pause, and you can also access the phone ’s assistant. The simple and direct touch

Professional recording chip

KT3 all in 1 comes with built-in professional microphone for voice recording Professional Chip

Watch Eaphones HD Call

Adopting latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology, this wireless earphones produce incredible sound quality with dynamic listening experience. Greatly suitable for calls and music. Build in high performance microphone It catches your voice firmly. There is no stress in the conversation.

  • Touch control
  • Automatic pairing
  • Automatic connection back
  • Switch up and down music
  • Volume increase and decrease
  • Call voice assistant
  • Answer/hang up call
  • Reject call
  • HiFi sound quality

Touchscreen interface

Multiple sport modes for sports enthusiasts

Multiple sports modes .GPS made for runners, triathletes, golfers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts. With over 10 dedicated sports modes, you will be able to get precise metrics of your daily fitness and workout regime inn real time. With high-precision High-Precision Dual-Satellite GPS

Rovolutionary Strong Battery Life

Worrying about battery life becomes a thing of the past as the kt3 Smart buds features an extended battery life up to 25 days standby time , working hours of 7 to 15 days as well as a revolutionary power-saving mode.

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