SES MAX – New Generation Smart Electric Screwdriver Pen, 5 Gears Torque, 70 Bits, Smart Motion Control, Bluetooth Control APP, Magnetic Wireless Charger, OLED Display, CTV, 500mAh


SES MAX – New Generation Smart Electric Screwdriver Pen is developed successfully! Its’ predecessor, SES PRO has won the Red Dot “2021 Innovative Product Design Award”. The latest SES MAX enriched its various functions.

Designed to make DIY projects a whole lot easier, the SES Max is a state-of-the-art electric screwdriver that can automatically sense direction and torque so all you really need to do is hold the screwdriver while it does all the work.

SES series has become a tool assistant for tens of thousands of homes or businesses. New generation Smart Electric Screwdriver makes you easier to do any repair jobs. Smart, powerful, accurate adjusting torque, longer lifetime, to expand its applicable area.

We redesigned the circuit board,perfect the control software, chose a stronger motor, increased the operating voltage, optimized the output of SES MAX, 100% increased from 2.0 to 4.0 of the torque force. 5 torque modes are able to be selected.

SES MAX follows in the series of its predecessors, the SES PRO (electric screwdriver ), SDS PRO (electric drill pen) & SGS PRO ( electric engraving & polishing pen), featuring with its exclusive SMC (Smart Motion Control system).

There is SMC system with an an “A” mode, commanded by the direction you twist your wrist. Gently rotate direction (left/right) to tighten or loosen the screws. The motor will automatically power the torque up to 4.0 (max) depend on the angle of hand rotation.

SES MAX comes with 4 APP-customizable modes. Lowest being at and highest at Customised mode builds confidence to you when you keep doing work on one/same repair job. Your setting will be auto-saved to the screwdriver and it resumes to the mode you used even it is swiched off.

It reduces the time that you find the right mode or adjust torque everytime you switch on. Improving consistency and precision of your works.

SES retains its original design style, made of aluminum alloy one-piece CNC, lightweight and functional construction with four shadow-less LED lights on the head of unit.

A budget-friendly option, Arrowmax is even debuting the SES ULTRA, a version of the SES MAX without the Bluetooth feature and the Smart Motion Control system.

SES ULTRA comes with dual button on its body that let you toggle clockwise and anticlockwise actions. There are 5 torque modes for user.

  • “1” mode: 0.5 (0.05N.m), precisely default torque to minium level
  • “2” mode: 1.0 (0.10N.m), precisely default torque to low level
  • “3” mode: 2.0 (0.20N.m), precisely default torque to medium level
  • “4” mode: 3.0 (0.30N.m), precisely default torque to high level
  • “5” mode: 4.0 (0.40N.m), precisely default torque to maxium level

SES MAX and SES ULTRA are with LiPo of 500mAh, which is 40% higher than similar products on average. Accessed safety certification from TUV, US. Increased 40% from 200 revolutions per minute to 280 revolutions per minute, improving its efficiency to tighten or lossen over 900 pcs of screws, working for 2 hours, extending of the working time.

The storage box is CNC machined, made of aluminium. Both SES MAX and SES ULTRA can be charged inside the box through the type-C built-incharging port.

The case with built-in magnetic pad to hold the screws more easily, especially repair works with small screws.

All sitting inside the organizer tray for a nice space-saving experience.

16.5×16.5mm rectangular rounded shape design with 160 mm height, can provide excellent grip when in use, and will not roll when laying flat on the workbench. It is convenient to carry as its pen-shaped size and only 62 grams.

The magnetic charging stand is to help those long-time work users with SES MAX and SES ULTRA. You can charge it easily and quickly with a safety stand when you are doing repair jobs. Preventing falling off and save the time from plug-in the port.

SES MAX and SES ULTRA feature on the charging port with magnetic, User may charge it directly through magnetic, or you may choose to charge it inside the box. There is a better dynamic display on charging status.

Two options of colours for SES MAX and SES ULTRA: Black and Space Grey. You may choose your desired colour through the questionnaire that we will deliver to backers after the KS project is done.

You may tighten or loosen any items that you have to as doubling the kinds of bits from SES PRO. Making SES more applicable to any items.

SES MAX and SES ULTRA featured 70 types of magnetised S2 steel tips that have printed labels so you can see them easier: 19x extended screwdriver tips, 46x common bits, 5x nut drivers and 1x total length 58mm power tip extension.

The bits have hex shafts with 4mm (0.155″) thickness. These are compatible with a variety of other screwdriver bits in market.

These bits can be magnetically attracted to the screwdriver head, making it efficient installation and not-easily fall-off with the screws.

SES’s case comes with a magnetizer that lets you re-magnetize bits if they ever lose their magnetic action.

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