Meet FOAM: The Next Generation Portable Cooler.

World’s 1st EVA foam cooler ( the same stuff as Crocs shoes ) a lightweight & durable material.

World’s first hybrid soft-hard-sided cooler made from 100% EVA foam (the same stuff as CROCS shoes)which makes it incredibly insulated, leakproof, flexible, lightweight, dishwasher safe,buoyant & durable.

Like a cooler, unlike any other cooler…

Thermal Insulation

FOAM uses advanced closed-cell EVA foam insulation that keeps your contents chilled all day. The insulated body and lid keep stuff cold for 12 to 72 hours depending on outside conditions and use rate. There’s no better feeling than cracking open an ice-cold drink on a sweltering hot summer day.

Durable & Virtually Indestructible

Due to its cross-linked foam and rubber structure, FOAM has exceptionally high durability and superior impact absorption. You’ll never have to worry about broken zippers, handles, or lids with FOAM. A cooler that will last through all the adventures you put it through without the weight or cost of those other heavy-duty ice chests.

In fact, you can run it over with your car and it bounces back to shape. How’s that for durability?

Dishwasher Safe & Antimicrobial

Never think twice about tossing your FOAM cooler into the dishwasher. FOAM is the only cooler that’s 100% dishwasher safe, which makes for easy cleanup after some serious fun.

FOAM is also Antimicrobial, Antiallergenic, BPA-free, & Formamide-free so you don’t have to worry about any nasty mold or toxic polyurethane foam that other cooler use.

Portable & Lightweight

FOAM is the perfect size for any adventure. It’s lightweight and easy to carry making it the perfect sidekick for a great day. FOAM won’t break your back or bank 😉

Versatile & Space Efficient

22 quart capacity which is big enough to fit plenty of drinks, ice, and food for your next trip to the beach, pool, or lake. Did you say it holds 30 cans? Why, yes we did. Or if you prefer long-neck bottles, FOAM can hold 12 including ice! How about wine? FOAM coolers hold that as well. Whatever suits your fancy, we’ve got you covered!

Buoyant & Fun!

Not only does FOAM float, EVA foam is also 100% leakproof & silent.

Flexible, Yet Sturdy

It’s not a hard-sided cooler. It’s not a soft-sided Cooler. It’s a hybrid soft-hard cooler; a new category in the cooler market. FOAM is made from 100% closed-cell ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. Sounds a bit high-tech because it is! That means that FOAM has the benefit of both hard-side and soft-side in one! It’s lightweight, durable, will grip any surface, & won’t scratch your boat or car!

Seatbelt Strap Strength

FOAM uses a super-durable seatbelt material carry strap that will have you wondering why you ever bothered lugging around coolers with plastic handles or cheap uncomfortable straps that dig into your shoulders. It also features a one-handed access clip to keep the lid securely closed without hard-to-pull zippers that break or need lubrication.

Four fun colors

Choose a color for your personality! Cyan Blue, Arctic White, Cool Grey, or Flamingo Pink.

Indiegogo Limited Edition Colorway

This limited edition swirl colorway will be only available to our backers and will never be available again! The only way to get this colorway will be by backing the project on IndieGoGo.

Be the envy of your friends with this once in a lifetime opportunity.

FOAM is 22 quarts and holds 30 cans with ice, 16 long neck bottles with ice, 4 bottles of wine, 16lbs of ice only, or 1 beach ball 😉 which is plenty of room for a day full of fun.

Picnics, Sporting Events, Boating, Tailgating, Roadtrips, The Pool, The Beach, & Camping are just some ideas of where you can use FOAM. The best cooler is the one you actually will use!

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