CAPSULE PRO: Versatile Motorized Pan and Tilt Head

Versatile pan and tilt head for time-lapse, multi row panorama, 360 product photography and videography


CAPSULE PRO is a great companion for time-lapse, panorama, 360-degree photography, and videography. It will impress you with its ease of installation and use, as well as its powerful features. It is now very easy to take motion shots, whether single-axis or multi-axis.

Timelapse has always been one of the most compelling videos for anyone to watch. If there’s anything more appealing than timelapse, it’s motion timelapse. Now you can easily add Pan or Tilt motion to your timelapse videos thanks to CAPSULE PRO, and even linear motion by combining it with MIOPS Slider.

CAPSULE PRO is also ideal for panorama shots. Adjust the angle you want to shoot, whether single-axis or multi-axis, and let CAPSULE PRO do the rest. All you have to do is to combine the photos taken with great precision and create that unique photo.

Thanks to the Turntable add-on, it is now very easy to take 360-degree product photos. Moreover, by automatically rotating in degrees of precision you want.

Go beyond ordinary movements with CAPSULE PRO. It is now very easy to take more dynamic and interesting shots by defining more than 2 keyframes.

Thanks to the user-friendly iOS and Android mobile application, you can easily configure all modes and start using them in seconds.

CAPSULE PRO stands out with its stronger but quieter motor compared to its ancestor, the first generation CAPSULE PRO.

Besides all these great features, CAPSULE PRO can be used in conjunction with other MIOPS products Slider+ and FLEX. In this way, it is also possible to add 3rd axis movement to your shots with Slider and to make day-to-night motion timelapse videos with FLEX Holy Grail feature.

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