Ergostone – The Multi-Tool For Your Well-Being

Comforting, warming, cooling, embracing. From recycled mining waste into the wellness tradition of Northern Sweden.


Your own piece of the Swedish mountains

The old wellness tradition in Northern Sweden is all about finding a balance in life. After a hard-working day, you spend time in nature to recharge your energy. And with our extreme weather conditions, you need to find the right balance between heat and cold.

Ergostone is made for natural relaxation and recovery. It’s a multi-use product for your well-being made from recycled soapstone from the foot of the mountains in Jämtland.

What does it do?

First, it’s a premium quality heat and cooling pad. Use it for pain relief in sore muscles and joints, or simply for comfort. Warm up when you feel cold or stiff. Or cool down on a warm day or use it for cryotherapy to reduce swelling.

Second, it’s super smooth and nice against your skin. And extremely flexible. It will follow the shapes of your body and embrace you – warm or cold.

Third, it’s heavy(!) Balancing two kilograms, Ergostone doubles up as a relaxation weight, to help you unwind in times when you’re experiencing stress or anxiety. It can also be used as an ergonomic and safe training weight, perfect for home training and rehabilitation exercise.

Scandinavian design with a focus set on function and clean appearance.

How to use it?

Warm or cold, Ergostone remains a natural shapeshifter. With exceptional thermic qualities, Ergostone absorbs heat or cold fast and releases it slowly. Simply heat it in a microwave or a normal oven or cool it in a freezer.

Heat treatment to relieve stiffness and pain

When you treat sore muscles and joints with heat, blood circulation increases, and you help your body heal itself. Whether you suffer from neck pain, stiff joints, or menstrual pain, something warm against your body is the most natural pain relief available. Ergostone is easily heated in a few minutes in a microwave or convection oven.

A warm lifesaver if you suffer from menstrual pain or IBS.

Cold therapy to reduce inflammation and swelling

Also known as cryotherapy. When something cold is applied to a certain area of ​​the body, the cold reduces blood flow, which can reduce inflammation and swelling that causes pain. At the same time, cold can temporarily reduce local nerve activity, which can provide pain relief. This makes Ergostone an exceptional aid for sports injuries, or to cool you down on a hot day. Refrigerate it in the freezer compartment or refrigerator for the desired temperature.

At-home cryotherapy for those sore shoulders after a tough workout session.

Relaxation weight to calm stress and anxiety

Applying weight and pressure to your body can help you relax. Just as you feel safe and calm under a heavy blanket. A natural way to reduce restlessness, stress, anxiety, and sleep problems. This type of therapy is often called Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS). You may have heard of weighted blankets? Ergostone Original is simply a smaller and more flexible version, which you can take with you wherever you go.

The travel version of a weighted blanket.

Flexible compression pad for sports injuries

Ergostone Original is super flexible. You can twist it, pull it out, and wrap it around you any way you want. Cold or hot – the elasticity remains the same. A cold compress for a sprained ankle. Or a warm embracing pillow to increase blood flow in stiff shoulders. Why not a product that can handle both?

Wrap it cold and tight for instant pain relief, or warm for faster recovery.

Ergonomic training weight for safer training

With a weight of two kilograms, this product becomes a flexible tool for strength training and rehabilitation exercises. Its soft design reduces the risk of injury if, for example, you drop it on your foot.

Safe and ergonomic training. Perfect for rehabilitation exercises.

How is it made?

The core of Ergostone is made of the natural mineral soapstone. This special stone is known for its unique thermal properties. Ground into fine-grained soapstone sand and encapsulated in a soft outer silhouette, we can keep the natural functions of the stone, but make it flexible. The outer layer is made of smooth, elastic, and super-durable silicone. It’s designed to have a nice feeling against your skin, be easy to clean, and be used over and over – for years to come.

Hot or cold recovery. Flexible compression pad.
Cleaning your Ergostone is just as easy as cleaning your hands.

We upcycle mining waste in favor of nature

After five years of product development, we have chosen to be as close to the source of raw material as possible. With our production stationed in Handöl, we literary “dig where we stand” – taking care of materials that have already been mined and which now stand in the way of nature’s reclamation around the old quarry. By doing so, we also want to create hope and help rebuild a depopulated part of Sweden.

The legacy of mining soapstone in Handöl, Jämtland dates back to the 16th century. Local production to refining soapstone into utensils, everything from pots and stoves, has been going on in Handöl for over 500 years. For the past 100 years, this industry has been the main source of income for the residents of the area. In 2013, production ceased when the soapstone factory was closed, which led to a large depopulation of the area.

By combining the soapstone refining heritage with the old wellness tradition in Jämtland, we want to revive Handöl’s proud history.

We are starting a new chapter in Handöl.

What you will help to fund

At this stage, we have sneak-launched our first prototype for a small test market in Sweden. And yes, the Swedes love it! Now that we feel confident with our product, we want to make it even better, and in larger quantities so that we can start shipping globally.

By backing this project, you will help us to build a sustainable production line in the historical factory in Handöl. We need to invest in molding tools for the silicone casing, machinery in our own facilities, and competencies to expand our team.

With this new production line in place, we will be able to make 400 products a day – that’s over 100 000 products a year. Made in Sweden 🙂

Your funding will also enable us to work with a local cut and sew manufacturer that will make the complimentary fabric covers. Yes, these will be made in Sweden too!

If you help us reach our funding goal, we will have the muscles to build a stronger company and brand, with new employment and possibilities to develop a broader range of products.

Support us now and let Ergostone help you feel better.

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