Shelter by Cinch: The Camping Tarp Reimagined

An outdoor base with protection from the elements and space to kick back and relax.

The humble camping tarp is one of the most versatile pieces of camping equipment known to man but is only ever used by outdoor survival nuts.

Step forward the Shelter, a tarp hybrid that combines the coolest elements of pro tarp setups & molds them into one awesome, easy-to-use package for everyone to enjoy.

Experience the full wonder of the outdoors whilst staying safe, dry & enclosed. The Shelter’s waterproof canvas is sculpted to give maximum shade & sun protection whilst keeping airflow throughout.

One person can put up the Shelter in a matter of minutes and takedown is even easier, meaning your trip starts stress-free & you’ve extra time to enjoy your adventures.

Deployed: the perfect size to bring your gang together to make juicy, nostalgic, marshmallowy camping memories.

Packed: small enough to throw in the boot at a moment’s notice.

Camping trips, glamping trips, beach outings, backyard parties, Sunday afternoon tailgates and so much more – the Shelter is ready to elevate each and every adventure.

The Shelter is cut from a different cloth, with stitching, fixtures and fittings you can trust. Lightweight, durable and ready to withstand everything that nature has to throw at them.

Cinch was founded in crowdfunding and together with our backers we create special tents, full of bright ideas, that you can’t find anywhere else. With more than a decade of industry-leading camping projects behind us, we’re super excited to present the Shelter to you.

Cinch is the creation of Jake Jackson, a lifelong camper whose quest to find the perfect tent for festivals and wilderness weekends led him to take matters into his own hands.

Jake’s vision was simple: camping should be fun, easy & affordable, not suck away your time, money, and sanity. The world’s first Cinch – a simple & reliable pop-up with a porch – was made in his mum’s garage, just for himself.

Fast-forward a decade and people across the globe are camping in Jake’s tents. Built on the shoulders of the amazing crowdfunding community, Cinch has developed into an international team of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts.

The vision remains the same, by collaborating closely with our backers we create special tents, full of bright ideas, that you can’t find anywhere else.

We come to crowdfunding to launch our most ambitious projects. Crowdfunding is where we began, where we built our community, where we call home.

With each new project we invest all our time, passion and money to create things we think you will love. Crowdfunding allows us to dream bigger than we could anywhere else, and then to see if you share those dreams. The risk of manufacturing innovative products is high, but your support validates and helps develop our ideas. It funds manufacturing and makes our products a reality for our backers to use.

We can’t understate the value of our community in developing our products too. You guys have superb ideas and we bake them into our products whenever and whereever we can!

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