MOMENTEM: Dual-burr Coffee Grinder for Coffeeholic

Innovative, dual-burr, multi-step hand grinding that will revolutionize coffee tech for better brews

MOMENTEM™ was designed for baristas and home brewers who are looking for something more in their coffee experience. The result? An exquisite cup of coffee with the benefits of two-step grinding – without the hassle – and an expanded flavor profile that will change the way you brew forever.

This isn’t just another fancy hand grinder with sharp burrs and a sleek body. MOMENTEM™ is a call-to-action for the manual grinding industry to realize the potential of coffee engineering innovation. We can achieve so much more than modest improvements in burr technology and share these incredible innovations with coffee lovers everywhere.

With MOMENTEM, I’M NOT A BARISTA is giving a big push to propel the hand grinding industry forward, and to take bigger steps in overhauling the ergonomics of manual grinding for everyone. After the overwhelming success of our previous crowdfunding campaign to launch the Brewing Guide, we’re excited to work with the coffee community again to develop something truly inspiring and enjoyable.

Professional baristas and coffee champions like Japanese champion Miki Suzuki have been experimenting with two-step grinding (regrinding) for years and achieved great results in the final cup quality, but the amount of effort it took made the technique unattractive for everyday brewing. MOMENTEM’s double-burr set system, crafted with titanium-coated stainless steel, clears away the hurdles for two-step grinding.

Burr Set #1: Grinds Coarse

The first conical burr serves as the pre-breaker – the first step of MOMENTEM’s two-step grinding system – breaking down the coffee beans into coarse grounds with more surface area. You can control the grind size settings of this burr with the 60-step outer adjustment ring. This will give you the ability to change the grind size from 600μ up to 3000μ.

Burr Set #2: Grinds Fine

The second conical burr receives the coarse grounds at a slower and more even feeding rate in order to minimize resistance, allowing the coffee particles to travel through the burrs more quickly. Its outer adjustment ring can turn a total of 4 revolutions, with each one comprising 100 clicks that individually change the distance between the burr by 0.015mm.

In addition to featuring two burr sets, both of MOMENTEM’s burr designs were customized to further optimize multi-step grinding mechanics. Standard conical burrs are cone-shaped for a reason – they mimic multi-step grinding on a small scale, allowing beans to break down gradually as they travel down the burr’s length.

Since MOMENTEM’s first burr does that better, we took a risk and loped off the top half of the conical burr in the second set to 1) increase grinding capacity, 2) minimize coffee retention, and 3) decrease the total weight. We also increased the circumference of the 2nd conical burr to 36mm, making it 10-20% larger than the average conical burr in the market. Every edge is polished and set at an angle, for the smoothest grinding experience possible.

Less heat is generated as compared to single-burr grinders, and coffee particles slowly feed into the second burr, corresponding to the theory of regrinding coffee. MOMENTEM also delivers a relatively narrow Particle Size Distribution (PSD) thanks to its dual-burr set. Where traditional single-burr grinders often produce chunky coffee grounds, MOMENTEM’s two burrs effectively distribute stand-alone particles, ensuring high grind performance and delivering to you that satisfying fluffy heap of coffee grounds.

Two-step grinding minimizes clogging and generates smaller PSD values, which translates to more consistency and an enhanced flavor profile.

The dual-burr system is more complicated than a regular single-burr grinder, which means logically it will be more complicated to clean two burr sets. To solve this issue, our designers put together an easy assembly system that enables users to remove the second burr set with one single pull.

This simple design requires high precision manufacturing. We make sure all surfaces, both inside and outside the 2nd burr set, are well-polished. The hexagonal design ensures that the burr set won’t move during intensive grinding. At the same time, we use a non-threaded solution, the quick release ball lock pin system, to lock the burr set tightly inside the grinder.

To minimize retention, we purposefully omitted straight angles in exchange for smooth surfaces and corners to prevent fine particles from getting caught within the internal structure.

MOMENTEM™ is versatile. Make full use of the two-step adjustment system to build unique brewing recipes for any brewing method, including Espresso, Turkish/Ibrik, Moka pot, Aeropress, Pour over, Chemex, Cold brew, and more. With the numerical adjustment dials, it’s easy to remember previous settings, keeping your brews consistent and your experiments traceable.

Between over- and under-extraction, which is scarier? We believe both are equally frightful when you do not have control over the mechanics. That is why MOMENTEM’s catch cup includes a built-in sifter where you can switch out different sieve sizes to get the perfect grind distribution every time. If you want to experiment with staccato espresso shots, this catch cup will be your best friend. Be the master of your own brews and take control over the results of daily grinding to get that perfect cup of coffee.

The catch cup comes with a lid to cover the jar when you sift the coffee. The magnetic catch makes it safe and easy to use.

Over the last few years, the market has witnessed only slight variations of the same shape, mechanics, and components in manual coffee grinder designs. Even though there is a genuine attempt at improvement, creativity has come to a standstill while the basic principles of ergonomic design have been glossed over. This results in muscle aches from daily grinding with a chassis that is simply too wide for our hands.

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