Revo Case: Next Generation iPhone Protection

Front & back camera blockers, military-grade durability, MagSafe compatible. iPhone 13| 13 Pro |13 Pro Max| iPhone 14 Pre-orders


Revo is the world’s first protective case for the iPhone, with built-in camera covers on the front and back. Designed to give you the privacy and protection, with a single swipe.

We have partnered with Speck Design, a design agency based in Silicon Valley with over 25 years experience in product development, creating the world-famous Popsocket.

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The Revo Case fits the iPhone 13/13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max, with a list of features:

  • Revo Case provides military grade 6foot drop protection to prevent your phone from breaking
  • Lightweight, durable and ergonomic. Designed to fit easily in your hand or pocket
  • Drop-insulating guard along the phone case edges to safeguard your screen
  • Easy sliding mechanism to open or close both camera lens covers in one motion
  • MagSafe & Apple Face ID compatible. Unlock your phone with camera covers closed

We carry our phones around everywhere we go—staying connected all the time, But when your camera lens is uncovered, you’re vulnerable! We should always cover our lens.

There’s app’s, hackers to even the government spying on you. Our built-in blockers cover both the front and back cameras.

The Revo Case is slim and sleek with an ergonomic design, which means you can always have it with you. Military-grade protection means you’re always covered and the cases can easily stand a drop of more than 6 feet. The high cost of replacing damage or scratch cameras is an issue of the past.

Our full-coverage front and back camera covers keep your lenses clean and clear to capture the moment.

Not too thin. Not too bulky. We want to make Revo the perfect balance for your everyday life—whether that means mountain biking or “Facetiming on the couch”.

How does the Revo Case slider work?

  • Slide the camera cover on the back of the case upward.
  • As the rear camera cover is about to fully close, the front camera cover will engage.
  • To access your cameras, you simply slide the camera cover down to open.
  • The rear cover will retract first followed by the front blocker.

We may tweak exact dimensions and weight of the Revo Cases as we finalize manufacturing, so we will communicate those specifications when our design and manufacturing teams confirm final measurements.

Backers will be able to add several additional options and accessories to purchase.

We will be sending fulfillment surveys after your purchase where you will be able to add accessories.

Those options are:

  • Multiple Case Bundles.
  • Screen Protectors
  • Add MagSafe magnets
  • Customizable Color Buttons
  • Protective Mesh
  • Lanyard and others.

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