ACTAMID M8S Colorful Palm-sized Mini PC-Smallest Multi-ports

Intel N6005/4K HDMI3 /RJ452/ Fan/ Quick-dissembled Shell/7 LED Light/8-16G RAM /128G-1TB NVMe/ WIN11

What makes M8S unique?

The development tendency for mini PCs has always been to maximize the most powerful performance with the minimum volume,which is also the biggest challenge for ACTAMID.

M8S physical photo, non-rendering

In the very beginning to design SPLD, our designers gave top priority to the balance between functionality, style, power, I/O ports, connectivity and the size of components and parts.

Sufficient CPU inventory ensures on-time delivery

Today, ACTAMID brings you the latest mini PC of M8S, which is based on the Pentium Silver N6005 processor and is the SMALLEST mini PC in the market currently.

The M8S is small yet powerful, It integrates dual RJ45 network ports (1000m*2), 3 USB 3.0 ports ,3 HDMI video ports,7 RGB lighting, upgradable and replaceable network cards , quick-disassembly shell and etc.It is the smallest mini PC on the market with the most expandable interfaces, and supports quick-disassembly and replaceable shell.

M8S structure design drawing

Most powerful processor

M8S features Intel Pentium Silver N6005 processor, a Jasper Lake Series quad core SOC released in early 2021, especially designed for mini PC and mini hosts. The frequency of the four Tremont CPU cores is between 2-3.3 GHz,with 1.5 B L2 and 4 MB L3 cache, without hyper threading, and 10-NM process is adopted. It integrates 32 EU Intel UHD graphics GPU (450-900 MHz )and LPDDR4x dual-channel memory controller(indexes up to 16GB and 2933 MHz).

Quick-disassembly design of top panel

M8S, the quick-disassembly panel design, the clip-type setting, with 9 clip-points around, closely connected with the machine. Optimized screw-disassembly steps, convenient for cleaning and hardware upgrading.It also helps to replace the personalized panel in the future, showing your personality and individualization.

This feature supports replacing the shell in seconds and customizing the pattern you want.

Small size and light weight

Small size of 3.4 * 3.4 * 1.5 inch, dozens of interfaces improve its application and expansion performance. Taking less space, it is much easier to carry.While coming from such a small package, it can be used in a variety of work environments that you can not imagine. In addition to performing office tasks and being a home computer, it can also be used as a POS, digital signage, advertising display, conference exhibition, and more.

M8S and Apple iPhone 13 Pro max size comparison

Dual network gigabit port

M8S, two RJ45 (1000MB) network ports, can access dual networks, achieving the double transmission bandwidth and improving the network speed, also as a soft route.The hardware supports the formation of internal and external networks to prevent data leakage.

Three-screen display & powerful ports

M8S ,equipped with USB3.03, HDMI 2.03, can support [email protected] and connecting up to 3 screens.The complete functions can display simultaneously and asynchronously to meet the special requirements, such as stock trading, e-commerce sales and other work environments.

You can not imagine such a small size of Mini PC can be equipped with both a 3.5mm audio jack (including microphone function) and a type-c power interface. Only M8S can make it.

Seven-Color RGB light effect

Seven-color-lighting at the bottom, small matte aperture, soft and gorgeous lights, Different lighting colors can be set in the BIOS. Choose any color you like and you can also turn it off.

LED Light settings

Different lighting colors can be set in the BIOS

Hardware upgraded

8G and 16G are available, built-in single channel memory, supports up to 2933 MHz.As to memory storage,inside the M8S is an M.2 2242 SSD for storing your operating system and files. The capacity is flexible from 64GB up to a maximum of 2 Terabyte for documents, presentations, videos, photos and other files.

8G and 16G are available for your choice

AX201 wireless card ,supports WIFI 6.0 and Bluetooth 5.2.WIFI AX201 wireless network. Technology increases the Internet speed by 1.5 times compared with the previous generation, effectively reducing network congestion and data delay, and bringing you a super smooth surfing experience.

AX201 wireless network card WIFI6 vs WIFI5

Both network card and hard disk can be upgraded per demand.

In addition to performing office tasks and being a home computer, it can also be used as a POS, digital signage, advertising display, conference exhibition, and more.

Mute fan

M8S comes with a 3000RPM fan,low noise and large air volume, easily meets the heat dissipation requirements of the 10WDE CPU. Even under 100% load, the fan does not have any pressure to fully perform.

3000rpm fan with low noise and large air volume

Power supply-US/EU/UK/AU

Applying 12V/3A/PD30W power supply, M8S guarantees more external equipment. Different power standards are available,American, British, Australian or European standard.

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