COMBOKIT I Power Station: Minimalist Style. Maximal Power

620Wh Capacity | Max 900W | High-tech Battery | Fast Recharge in 99 mins | 4-in-1 Detachable Handle | Form Follows Function | 9 Outputs

A stylish and compact design that is more than just a generator. COMBOKIT I is your savior in the toughest emergency situations. It is a perfect power backup to keep all your appliances on 24/7. It is so compact and portable to take with you anywhere. It supports multiple flexible recharging ways. A 99 minute fast recharge time is more than enough for any emergency situation in an RV, on the road or at home.

“Here is a 4-in-1 power station. That’s actually a power station as well as a torch, flashlight, and also a power block. And it is lightweight which is almost great. This thing looks absolutely futuristic. I really like the clean color concept.”

You need a power station that’s light, versatile and reliable. Whether you want to turn your backyard into a beer garden or are looking for a backup emergency power source, the COMBOKIT I is the right choice for you. Featuring the smallest volume and weight among all power stations of the same capacity, it is a portable choice for camping trips, BBQ parties at backyard or at home.

Designed for ultimate safety and reliability, battery components are co-developed with German BMZ, one of the largest battery factories in Europe. Featuring higher volumetric energy and safety, NCM batteries are commonly used in high-end electric vehicles for their outstanding performance in extreme conditions like ultra low temperature.

Battery safety is users’ focus as well as our top priority. The cutting-edge BMS , inverters and DC are self-developed by E-INFINITE, which can maintain overall battery temperature, voltage, current within a narrow range to ensure security and intelligent performance.

We have conducted numerous tests on COMBOKIT I to ensure its reliability and safety, and it has obtained essential international qualifications such as FCC and CE. We prioritize your safety and security so that you can power up with confidence.

When it’s life or death, you don’t want to risk any downtime. COMBOKIT I’s circuit design offers fail-proof protection against overloads and electrical arcing to truly realize 0ms-delay uninterrupted power supply for high-sensitivity equipment like ventilators.

Don’t underestimate the handle’s strength and stability just because it is removable. We spare no effort in employing the strongest material and the most reliable structure while designing the handle. It is even able to withstand a heavy load bearing of 45kg without any damaging effect.

The design of COMBOKIT I relates to its intended function.

Recharge has never been easier and faster! COMBOKIT I can go from 0% to 100% charged by solar, AC or car. It takes as little as 99 minutes to fully recharge by AC.When charged by AC or solar panel, COMBOKIT I can discharge at the same time. But pay attention to it: when the load power is larger than the charging power, the battery percentage will decrease.

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