ProHa Fitness Mirror: More for At-Home Fitness

24mm extreme thin | 5A super bright touch screen | 1-1 personal instructor | thousands of courses | voice control | family workout


Designed to inspire, entertain, and bring out the fun and healthy in both young and old at home.

ProHa fitness mirror is a stay-at-home gym. It has one-on-one professional instructor training courses. With AI technology, ProHa fitness mirror can monitor and correct the user’s movements in real-time to ensure that the user’s training movements are standardized. ProHa mirror can also customize a personal training program for users. It is the perfect personal gym for everyone.

It comes with brand new designs. The 24mm extremely thin body and the streamlined design are beyond the past. The 60-inch extreme high-definition bright mirror makes the fitness mirror become a luxurious full-length mirror when it’s off. HiDong brings the breakthrough 5A mirror technology that no one has and allows you to start your fitness mirror with only one touch.

ProHa’s 24mm extreme thin body and the streamlined design make it perfectly fit any home style, making it the lightest, thinnest fitness mirror on the market.

The 60-inch extreme high-definition bright screen and the vacuum sputtering process, make it become a luxurious full-length mirror when it’s off.

ProHa brings the breakthrough 5A mirror technology. The design of AM and AF allows you to touch the screen freely without worrying about leaving fingerprints. Hassle-free workout.

The touch screen is not our limit. ProHa fitness mirror can also be controlled by both mouse and your own voice, the built-in voice control system allows you to select courses easily hands-free.

We all know that AI is changing the world, and so does ProHa. ProHa’s sophisticated AI sensors can capture human motion, it can monitor and correct the user’s movements in real-time to ensure that the user’s training movements are standardized.

Connect with any smartwatch or heart rate monitor. You can connect your fitness devices like fitness bracelets or smartwatches to the fitness mirror, it can check your heart rate on the screen at all times, thus avoiding cardiogenic damage and allowing you to exercise more safely.

ProHa has 21 types of courses and thousands of online courses for you to choose from. ProHa also prepared courses for the young, children, and elders, which are suitable for the whole family and all levels. Except for the fitness courses that are suitable for most users, (Dance Cardio, Meditation, Barre, Kickboxing, Stretch, Pilates, Ballet, Strength, Boxing, Yoga Flow, Kettlebell, Weight Training, Sculpt..) ProHa also prepared fitness courses that are suitable for middle-aged, elderly people as well as children, so that your whole family can join you to feel the happiness that fitness brings.

ProHa provides scientific and customized guidance for your training process, including physical data and fitness ability evaluation, formulation of private training plans, interactive coaching, analysis of fitness data, recording of training results, etc.

ProHa can customize different fitness plans based on different ages, fitness levels, etc. It can also customize your personal healthy recipes, and healthy diet to better help you achieve your fitness goal.

Users can also choose a multi-person exercise mode and invite their friends and family to exercise together online, multiple accounts can make sure the whole family’s workout data won’t be mixed up.

ProHa provides a platform for fitness bloggers, fitness studios, and fitness instructors to upload their fitness courses.

They can upload courses remotely anytime, anywhere, and users can make reservations for fitness without leaving home, with unlimited time and venue, and you can completely realize the two-way freedom of teaching and exercising.

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