SPINN CW.01 | The protective wrap for your gear

Photo, travel, outdoor – pack your stuff safer and easier than ever before. Fully self-adhesive for a perfect fit on any device.


Protect your valuable gear – perfectly simple.
The SPINN CW.01 is a completely self-adhesive protective wrap for all devices that deserve special care.

Photo, travel, outdoor – there is so much equipment that deserves better protection on your trips… You don´t want to be super careful, you don´t have lots of space and time? Well, basically it’s super easy…

With its snug fit, its easy adaptability and the three available sizes, the SPINN CW.01 protective wrap simply fits everything: from glasses to your camera equipment and even a full size laptop or tripod.

No matter what you want to pack with the SPINN CW.01 – its adhesive force will hold – under almost any load. In this video, you will get an impression of how strongly the SPINN CW.01 encloses even heavy objects.

Lenses, monitors or glasses… The CW.01 is an ideal cleaning cloth for your device. With its soft structure and the large surface area, it gently absorbs all residues on glass and plastic surfaces.

The SPINN CW.01 protective wrap is tried and tested. Beginning this year we gave the final version to over 200 photographers all over the world for evaluation and asked them for their opinion.

We offer each size of the SPINN CW.01 separately, or the whole as a set. You can choose from these rewards:

  • Size S, 28x28cm (11×11″)
  • Size M, 38x38cm (15×15″)
  • Size L, 48x48cm (19×19″)
  • SET of size S, size M & size L

Need more than one? After selecting an item you can add further CW.01 protective wraps in any size and any quantity as ADD-ON right in the following order step. After the campaign, we will ask you for your shipping address.

Size S fits for: Camera lenses up to 80 mm diameter and 130 mm length, filters, cell phones, glasses, hard drives, USB-cables and chargers.

Size M is a real workhorse – it fits well for: Mirrorless cameras with 24-100 lenses, single lenses up to 100mm diameter and 230mm length, iPads up to 10.5″, boom boxes and binoculars

Size L fits perfectly for: DSLRs with 24-105 lenses and larger, single lenses up to 120 mm diameter and 340 mm length, tripods up to 390 mm x 80 mm, 13″ and 15″ notebooks

With the SPINN CW.01 you are able to create a clean workspace for your equipment outdoors. And after you have done your job, you just simply shake out your wrap and safely store everything again.

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