Warden Outdoors: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen Set

World’s Most Convenient Camping Cookware Set – An Ultra Compact Gearbox Consolidating 36 Pieces of Essential Camping Cookware


Pack it up, Strap it in, Roll it out…whatever it is, the K.U.B can handle it

What is the K.U.B?

The K.U.B (Kitchen Utensil Box) is a portable camping kitchen set full of 36 functional items for nearly all the cooking and eating needs of a Car Camper, RVer, Overlander, or Picnicker. It’s packed with food-grade stainless steel utensils, plates, cups and bowls, a deep-dish frying pan, kettle, grill grate and even a nylon table cover! We’ve made it all fit inside a custom designed, compact, high-impact ABS box – with wheels – that’s smaller than your average camping cooler.

Getting the right idea required the right setting

Planet > Plastic

It’s hard to know how much impact plastic makes until you crunch the numbers.

The average American family spends $9,200 on single-use plastic products,annually.


We believe in a better planet…who doesn’t? One of the biggest driving forces for us is to protect the spaces that are already protected, like our national parks and spaces.

>>Simplicity in the Face of Clutter<<

A solution built on generations of silent frustration muttered under your breath

Wifey wants some wine and you don’t know if you packed the corkscrew?

No problem, we got you.

You want to pan sear that fresh trout AND cook chili at the same time?

No problem, we got you.

Don’t want to burn your hand holding hot coffee in a single-walled enamel cup?

No problem, we got you!

We packed the KUB with all your camping essentials, even the things you might not have considered. We did, so you can be the ultimate camp host.

What’s inside?

It’s all full-kitchen size too…not backpacker/solo sized

No Gizmos,just Gear:

Even with all of our utensils made of stainless steel, the K.U.B is 20% lighter than if you packed all the same gear from your home’s kitchen.

36 Stainless Steel pieces of gear you’ll never need to individually remember to pack

>>What’s on the outside?<<

It’s meant to be moved with ease and stored in a breeze

We used the highest-quality products so that the KUB lasts for generations.

It’s even got wheels:

Industrial-Grade Solid ABS wheels can take a beating

We’re avid outdoorsmen ourselves. That’s why we focused on manufacturing the most pivotal gear. The way we look at it, all campers have a flashlight, why add that if we can’t make it the best? But you know what we can control and make the best…you guessed it, the everyday kitchen gear that makes the difference between a bad trip and a great one.

We’re family men at Warden Outdoors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be the “Host with the Most” among friends. While others are packing in bags and boxes of gear, it’ll take you all but 5 minutes to strap the K.U.B to the roof rack and tap your watch waiting for everyone to ‘Tetris’ their gear into fitting.

We love backpacking, but this is one product that isn’t all about solo

And if you’re worried about size…don’t be.

If you can fit your cooler, you can fit the K.U.B (and then some)

20% Less Space than your Average Camping Cooler

>>Rewarding Your Support<<

Who doesn’t love a bear hug?

Why we created the KUB

Packing for a camping trip shouldn’t cause your hair to turn white any sooner than it should. With outdoor gear continuously getting lighter, better and compact, we wondered…uh, what about the kitchen??

And no, we don’t mean better Tupperware to pack it all in…

Can you spot all 999 separate pieces of gear?


We became obsessed with how much waste there was with not only gear but the time spent on packing. Then we started to research and crunch numbers on just how impactful disorganization and the lack of a sustainable solution was costing not only your nerves, and time, but also the environment.

Everything in the K.U.B is built to last generations

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge thus far has been the molding/tooling fees. That’s why it’s taken so long to finalize our design. If we don’t get it right, we can kiss our mold goodbye. Fortunately, the K.U.B’s design is complete, and the components and schematics are ready. Our multiple prototype have been tested and our partner factory, and partners are ready to go. Getting the support from the KICKSTARTER community will help us start and scale production.

Quality is of the utmost important. We want to produce the K.U.B, but we aim to maintain our level of integrity and Q.A that will insure each and every K.U.B is to our top standards. We don’t foresee any major problems with production but in the unlikely event that quality issues do arise, we’ll be sure to inform all backers right away. We take pride in our craft and we will only ship product that we are proud of.

We have placed into action a plan for logistics, delivery and fulfillment for prompt arrival of the K.U.B on our estimated delivery date. Again, it’s unlikely that any major issue would arise but if anything comes up, you’ll be the first to know!

We are absolutely grateful for this opportunity that the KICKSTARTER community has extended us, and we hope that, more than anything, you use the K.U.B to give you and your family peace of mind while you explore and enjoy the outdoors that we all have fallen in love with.

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