The X Series – Crypto Management and Storage Ecosystem

Protect and organize your Ledger Nano hardware wallets,recovery seed phrases,and crypto investment portfolio


FACT #1: SIX YEARS since the first Ledger Nano S wallet came to market in 2016.
Fact #2: Ledger produces the #1 selling hardware wallet with over 6 million of these devices in the wild.
FACT #3: NO SINGLE SOLUTION on the planet exists that helps Ledger Nano owners protect, organize and safely store their wallets. Until now…

Introducing the world’s first crypto storage ecosystem to catalog your cryptocurrency investments and organize your Ledger Nano hardware wallets and your seed phrases.

This Is the Extra Security Layer Your Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet Was Missing

Imagine what a smartphone would look like without a screen protector or a case after six years of use. Beat to hell! That’s how long Ledger Nanos have gone without protection. As a crypto investor, you enjoy exploring the unique edge that cryptocurrency and NFT holdings have to offer. You rely on the digital world to provide you with these opportunities, but you want to make sure you also rely on hardware wallets to OWN YOUR PRIVATE KEYS and protect your crypto assets. The question is…If your hardware wallets are protecting your crypto holdings, what is protecting your hardware wallets—and the treasures they are keeping?

This is exactly the concern that made our team at Black Seed Ink create The X Series – a high-end storage ecosystem for Ledger Nano hardware wallets. At the end of the day, if your Ledger Nano wallet is exposed to water, fire, and corrosion damage, then your crypto holdings become reliant on the seed phrase to restore access to your investments.This becomes unnecessary when you take the extra step to protect your Ledger Nano wallets and begin using The X Series.

Have You Thought About Owning More Than One Ledger Nano?

  • A suggestion is to heed the old proverb: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Adapted to modern times: “Don’t attach all your crypto investments to one seed phrase”.
  • Be strategic with your crypto investments and begin thinking of new ways to PHYSICALLY diversify your portfolio by using multiple wallets. Perhaps Bitcoin is stored in one wallet while Ethereum coins and its plethora of tokens are stored in a second wallet. Perhaps all your HODL coins are in one wallet for your children’s inheritance. The arrangements possibilities are endless:
  • Coin/Token Specific
  • Blockchain Specific
  • College Fund
  • Children’s Inheritance
  • NFT Storehouse
  • Make-My-Day Alt Coins
  • Wedding Fund
  • New Home Fund
  • HODL

Crypto is gaining a tremendous popularity and 16% of the world population is already invested in crypto assets. As the rest of the world climbs aboard and we approach the “tipping point”, the X Series is a big step toward helping you configure and organize your portfolio.

Given that crypto assets are digital, there has been a common focus on digital tools—overlooking the physical world. By offering The X Series, we’re bridging the gap between digital crypto assets and 100% secure physical storage for crypto holdings -that add the last line of defense and the first line of convenience to the smart decision of investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Crypto Investors in over 45 Countries Can’t Be Wrong

At Black Seed Ink, we have successfully developed unique steel plates that crypto investors and traders in over 45 countries bought, tested, and are quite pleased with their purchase. Thousands of plates have been dispersed and we only need two fingers to count the returns. In other words, we’re not new in this world, but we’re the best and we are taking our crypto security innovations to the next level.

What The X Series Does

In a nutshell, The X Series provides a sound extra layer of security to your Nano Ledger Hardware wallets and highly-coveted recovery seed phrases. First, encase each wallet in a titanium capsule, notably called The AleX. Next, The IndeX, a notebook made of water and tear resistant stone paper, can be used to catalog and document the contents of your wallets. And, finally, store and organize The AleX, The IndeX, and your your recovery seed phrase(s), exchange account information, master passwords, and passphrases – protecting all from water, fire and corrosion damage – in The BoX.

Where did the idea come from?

Black Seed Ink’s co-founder Robin Hillary found herself with three obstacles that left her crypto investments vulnerable. First, after five years of investing in crypto, she had accumulated multiple wallets and recovery seed phrases. Nothing on the market provided the perfect storage solution for her Ledger Nano wallets that was waterproof, fireproof, and organizable.

Robin’s second concern was that of all the data connected to her wallets (seed phrases, passphrases, master passwords, exchange log-in, 2FA devices, etc.) was documented or preserved in such a way that her beloved family could understand. NOTHING! Her seed phrase backup devices were as cryptic as crypto! If something were to happen, leaving Robin unable to manage this cryptocurrency portfolio, would family understand how to access her investments? If a home fire erupted could she quickly gather all her crypto and go? The answer to all was, “no”.

Protect and simplify crypto investments for loved ones

Finally, in 2021 the third problem presented itself – a lack of mobile protection. A friend of Robin’s, who is deeply invested in crypto and always traveling, wanted a piece of hardware that was transportable and would protect the Ledger if tossed in a purse, pocket, backpack or if worn around the neck – literally allowing one to “move with the market”. She wanted the wallet on her person everywhere she went.


Robin instantly realized the synergy in the varying “needs”, and began work on an ecosystem of products that coincided and provided utility for the physical inclusion of crypto in our daily lives. The idea was specked out and presented to Black Seed Ink’s small team of industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and manufacturers. The X Series has slowly manifested into a beautiful ecosystem for crypto investors.

The X Series: Three Extraordinary Crypto Security Resources

The AleX

  • The AleX: The super strong titanium capsule you can carry anywhere

Are you traveling, working out and sweating, or did you get caught by a heavy rain? All these are reasons to be cautious of carrying a “naked Nano”. (Cover your eyes!) With The AleX, you don’t have to worry about it at all. This is a TC4 Titanium waterproof, sweatproof, and fireproof capsule that we specifically designed to fit the Ledger Nano X, but which can be adjusted with our foam adapter kit to fit the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano S Plus.


  • Fireproof
  • Waterproof – O-Ring keeps water out of interior cell
  • Sound dampening adapter kit = no rattle or movement of wallet
  • Sandblast finish = no fingerprints
  • Brushed finish = classic titanium hardware
  • Keyring – Titanium, Easy-Open Latch Release
The AleX – Titanium capsule for Ledger Nano wallets in sandblast finish
The AleX – Titanium capsule in brushed and sandblast finishes

The AleX’s titanium structure beats all its competitors because of its unique design which is molded to fit all three Ledger Nano devices, and its Titanium structure which is by far more durable and resistant than the cheap hollow 3D printed plastic molded capsules or hollow stainless steel capsules available today. In fact, the shape is so unique, a design patent is pending! And it gets better; it’s not just extremely robust—it’s also extremely convenient because it’s designed to cut away all the extra metal and give you just what you need to cradle the Ledger Nano around your neck on a lanyard, or in your pocket.

The AleX – Titanium capsule for Ledger Nano wallets in brushed finish

When you’re not on the move, store your capsules in The BoX – another powerful solution The X Series has to offer!

I only own two Ledger Nanos, why buy The BoX which holds up to five in the The AleX capsule? Think of it like this… You’ve just purchased a five-car carriage house (garage). You open all five doors, but only two spaces have a car parked. (Oh the joy of deciding what will fill the other three spaces!) In other words, don’t sell yourself short.


The military, aerospace and aviation industries have long benefited from the properties of TC4 also known as Ti-6Al-4V or Grade 5. It is used in the structural components of aircraft, helicopter rotor blades, rockets, spacecraft, hydraulic systems and engine components. Titanium is as strong as steel but 45% lighter, and twice as strong as aluminum but only 60% heavier. TC4 exhibits a melting point of 1400 C° / 2552 F°.

The AleX – Titanium capsule for Ledger Nano wallets in sandblast finish

Design and samples are complete. After the Kickstarter ends we are prepared and will immediately begin final tooling and mass production.

Titanium rods ready for mass production of The AleX
The AleX caps – pre surface finish

The IndeX

  • The IndeX: the ultimate stone paper notebook for crypto peace of mind

What’s the most secure, cold, and convenient way of keeping a record of your crypto wallet accounts and transactions? Up until now, none, really, but that’s about to change.

Color code each Ledger wallet and record the contents in stone paper

We’re proudly introducing The IndeX, a beautifully designed 3.5” x 5.5” stone paper notebook that truly does magic for crypto investors. You’ll feel reassured to know that The IndeX will allow you to securely record crypto transactions, exchange account information, and keep recovery seed backup phrases. But what’s so unique about it?

The IndeX

First of all, stone paper features calcium carbonate, a key ingredient that is also found in rocks. It is tear resistant and water resistant, making it strong and durable. Is it tear proof? No. With enough brute force you can tear the paper, but your two-year old or a cup of water are no match for The IndeX. It’s also eco-friendly because it requires no trees to be destroyed for paper. The IndeX does more than any other stone paper notebook that you could possibly find—because it also allows you to efficiently keep a record of your crypto transactions – so that you don’t lose track of your crypto investing history. Use The IndeX pen or any type of ballpoint ink and never worry about your entries fading into history.

The IndeX Color Pages Match to Color-Coded Blocks – Know what each capsule holds
Each color has one page for Exchange Account and Seed backup.
The X Series – A Crypto Portfolio Ecosystem

The IndeX Page Layout: Seven colors (silver, blue, green, red, orange, gold, magenta) 72 pages total (1 Seed Phrase Page/per color + 9 Investment Detail Pages/per color).

The Index Page Layout

The BoX

  • The BoX: the world’s first crypto storage box

We’re thrilled to say that there’s nothing quite like it. This is the world’s first crypto storage box, designed as a black aluminum storage case that can store the following:

  • Up to five of The AleX capsules
  • Ten Black Seed Ink plates (seed, exchange, master password, passphrase)
  • The IndeX (with pen)
  • Cords
  • Secret Tracking Tags (AirTag, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, Tile tag)
  • Color Coding System (we’ll get to that down below).
  • … and more
The BoX
The BoX – Stores five titanium capsules, five steel seed plates, cords, tracking device, etc.
Example of The BoX with Sandblast Finish Capsules and Black Seed Ink Steel Seed Plates

What makes it so singular? Picture this: an extremely sturdy and beautifully designed storage case with two secret compartments that allow you to hide tracking tags or other small items that you don’t want anyone else to see or even find under any circumstance.

Example of The BoX with Five of The AleX with sandblast finish and Black Seed Ink Steel Seed Plates

This is a TSA-friendly box with a combination lock that is secure, but won’t give you a hard time when you’re in a rush to get going. Its automatic slow return handle makes using it a breeze, and its eco-friendly custom mold Eva foam is environmentally friendly and designed to cradle The AleX like a glove.

DESIGN NOTE: We are still making finite adjustments to The BoX interior foam in both the lid and bottom sections of case.

The BoX – Prepare for moon travel

IMPORTANT! There is no “right way” to use The BoX. Those with home/work safes may feel comfortable storing seed plates in the slots next to each wallet. Others may choose to store the seed plates separately. Multiple boxes can be purchased, providing the option of storing seed plates in one, and The AleX capsules in the other. What is most important is that The BoX provides an adaptable solution for Ledger Nano owners to begin to organize and store their crypto investment portfolio in a way that has never been available, until now.

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