Auldtok: 3-In-1 Heated Water Cup with 65W PD Fast Charging

65W Fast Charging 3-in-1 Heating Cup Keep Your Tea, Water, Milk or Coffee to Favorite Temperature.


Heating your favorite beverage – coffee, water, milk etc… anytime, anywhere.

Auldtok heating cup can heat your coffee, milk, tea, or any drink to your favorite temperature anytime anywhere. Choose the exact temperature you prefer (Up to 100℃), and you just wait 4-25mins (depends on the temp you chose), enjoy your hot drink!

Auldtok heating cup makes it super easy and accessible for anyone to always have their coffee, tea, or water at hand, with the perfect temperature at any time!

Auldtok 3-in-1 heating cup is come the function with electric kettle, vacuum cup and water cup. Auldtok can prepare a cup of hot water at the temperature you want within 25 minutes. After boiling, also can be used as a vacuum thermos for long time preserving heat or drinking directly.

With Auldtok, you can easily and conveniently keep your favorite drink at the ideal drinking temperature for as long as you need.

Portable Auldtok hot water cup takes 25 minutes to heat water to 212℉ (100 °C), you don’t have to wait for long time.

As USB-C (PD) gradually becomes the standard, Auldtok come with USB-C ports for charging, Up to (20V/2.25A)65W power. Now you power it quickly, safely charge with a normal charger, Powerbank or car charger, don’t worry about the power plug or voltage. Thanks to the integrated smart chip, Auldtok protected from overheating while delivering those faster time.

The power will be cut off automatically after boiling to prevent dry boil.

Auldtok can be heated up to 100℃, temperature can be set and adjusted freely, perfectly meet different needs for traveling and driving.

Set the corresponding temperature comes with 4 pre-set temperature settings. Milk Powder (140 °F). Make Tea (175 °F). Make Coffee (195 °F). Boil (212 °F). You can accurately know the temperature of the water through the display. Ready for hot water, tea, coffee, snacks, or milk to allow their unique flavors and aromas to develop during brewing at any time.

Made of 316 stainless steel, which is a kind of austenite stainless steel. Due to the addition of Mo element, it has suitable corrosion resistance in various organic acids, inorganic acids, alkalis, salts, and seawater, and the corrosion resistance and high temperatures far better than 304. And the lid is made of BPA-free PP material, food-grade contact silicone and 100% copolyester plastic, no pungent odor, to ensure safety and health.

It is an exquisite and compact cup with a product size of 18.4×8.2×8.2 cm(7.2×3.2×3.2 in ). It can be put in a backpack and is suitable for office, travel, vacation, and camping, you can refuse the dirty kettle in other place.

The 350ml (12 Ounces) capacity and can be carried in a bag. Perfect for you to drink tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milk in home, office, traveling, or student dormitory. Auldtok is a good helper for school, travel, camping, baby formula and so on. Best gift for family, friends and colleagues.

The lid of the Auldtok is an LED display, with a built-in measuring chip, a highly sensitive temperature sensor, the temperature is accurate to ±1℃, avoid burn from test the temperature through the mouth, and it is equipped with a large-capacity battery that can be clicked to display 50,000 times. Normal use for more than 3 years, no need to replace the battery.

The AUldtok double-walled vacuum insulation further minimizing the temperature change of your drink. Can keep beverages hot or cold for 12 hours. It’s perfect for the office, travel, camping, and parties.

Auldtok has a strong seal, so it won’t leak, even when turned upside down. It makes carrying liquids in your bag so easy! Auldtok with cap closed, avoid hot water spilling out.

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