Rmour Candy Corner Protector: Keeps iPhone’s Native Design

An elegant 925 sliver jewelry designed to protect iPhone corners that Magsafe and QI can be used without any issue

This is a minimally designed and lightweight phone case that optimizes your mobile experience. We believe that devices should be enjoyed the way they were intended to be. Thus, our designers are proud to introduce you to our brand new iPhone protectors.

You value your treasured phone. Now you can keep it protected in luxurious style.

Each piece is handcrafted to fit your phone of choice.

The specifications are shaped individually for each model.

Thanks for our supporters

Our team have been improving for years with the series of Rmour, In the past few years we successfully completed our crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter for the iPhone 6 and 7, iPhone X. We are so grateful to all of our supporters and we will keep trying to make the best product for all of you!

Protect your phone corners

Rmour Candy offers a luxurious frame that is both stylish and protective. You will appreciate having the peace of mind that your iPhone is safe and sound, as we have carried out several drop tests to make sure of this.

Optimize your Magsafe & QI

With no case, there is no more need for complex Wireless Charging interference. You can charge wirelessly with no issues.

Smaller and lighter

When we think about mobile cases, we usually think of clunky, heavy, and ugly items. Wrapping an iPhone in thick plastic or screen protectors takes away the value that the size and weight of the iPhone design offers.

So, we set out to create a mobile case that changes all that. We came up with Rmour – a minimally designed and lightweight phone case that optimizes, not inhibits, your mobile experience.

Show the color and beauty of your phone’s native design

In recent years, Apple has invested tens of billions on research and design, of which a portion has gone toward carefully crafting the luxurious look and feel of each year’s iPhone. The reality is that iPhones are sturdier than ever.

Apple’s ceramic-glass shielding, which debuted with the iPhone 12 and 13, went above and beyond expectations, protecting the hardware from drops as high as 9 feet.

Easy to install

We included a triangular element on the surface to create a modern and elegant look. The triangles on the surface are from a quality enamel, while underneath is a s925 silver.



Our fabulous colors are like candy, sweet and colorful. With this rainbow of colors, you can choose whichever one you’re in the mood for and make your day!

iPhone types

Jewelry Box

Picking an Rmour candy based on your daily mood is like chose a piece of earings, this collection can be part of your outfits, slay all day!

Our materials

Silver is a precious metal that gives an impression of elegance and class. For thousands of years, it has been a valuable metal for use in jewelry, tableware, and fine art. We wanted to bring the same quality to our new line of Rmour Candy. To this end, we’ve created brand new designs to share with you. We can proudly say that this is the best and most vibrant Rmour we have ever created. We crafted our product from s925 silver that is soft enough to absorb the impacts of falls while strong enough to last the lifetime of your phone.

Vitreous enamel

We use vitreous enamel for the colors, which is a thin layer of glass fused at high temperature to the surface of silver granting hardness, heat resistance, and color stability.

Apply Rmour

We use Nano Magic Tape to install, which won’t harm or scratch your phone in any way.

This tape is super strong, easy to remove, and will not damage your iPhone’s surfaces.

Applying Rmour corners to your phone only takes a few minutes

We have alternate a new and more Nano Tape for our Rmour Candy

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