Dotti | Reimagining everyday cleaning tools

The cleaning essentials that deserve a place in your home. Stylish, long-lasting tools that make cleaning beautifully better.

Meet the Dotti Super Scrubber™ and Dotti Best Broom & Dustpan™. Engineered for ultimate comfort, performance and style. Antibacterial, odor free and long-lasting design.

Where style meets performance. The Dotti Best Broom & Dustpan™ is carefully engineered with an antibacterial silicone bristle broom that effectively traps small and large debris. Paired with a good-for-the-ole-back dustpan held in place by foot or hand to reduce bending. Built for multi-surface indoor/outdoor use: floors, tiles, carpets.

A cleaning tool you won’t want to hide. The Dotti Super Scrubber™ is ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort and premium performance. Replace your smelly, grimy sponge with this long-lasting, non-scratch, odor free beauty. The Super Scrubber does not smell, change shape or discolor.

After campaign completion, we’ll send all backers a survey for color selection and confirming shipping details.

Return policy. Kickstarter is the platform that allows innovators to offer their creations and ideas at discounted prices. These funds go towards initiating production and launching of the product, resulting in a product that backers can enjoy. In accordance with Kickstarter Terms of Use we will not offer refunds or returns. You are welcome to contact us at [email protected]

Shipping. We are happy to offer shipping in the following countries: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, Peru and Colombia. The shipping rate for your country will be indicated in the check-out menu when making a pledge for this campaign. Please note that the price of the item does not include duty and taxes that may apply to countries outside of Canada and the United States.

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Risks and challenges

This may be Dotti’s first Kickstarter campaign, but we the founders have 12 years of successful track records building and scaling businesses. We understand the risks and challenges of production and supply chain in today’s environment, which is why we have built an A+ team. Our product engineers and Director of Operations are former Dyson employees who bring excellence in product quality, user experience and production to Dotti.

Our core challenge to date has been navigating an inflated and unstable supply chain. We have maintained our ethos of premium quality product and delighting customers at every step. In today’s supply chain climate unexpected issues may arise, and if they do, you’ll be the first to know. Our customers are our absolute priority because we are creating products for YOU.

Supply Chain: We are very proud of our supply chain and are confident that we can create the product with the highest quality and on time. We promise to put our energy and focus to ensuring customer satisfaction, product quality, and meeting deadlines.

Logistics: One challenge we have considered is blasting past our funding goal and coping with a large direct-to-customer production and delivery. We’ve planned for several production scenarios with our manufacturer and warehouse to ensure seamless production and delivery.

Long-lasting design

Dotti prioritizes sustainability wherever possible based on material availability and performance. We are proud to offer long-lasting products that reduce consumer consumption. As an example, the Dotti Super Scrubber™ lasts 5x longer than your average dish sponge, reducing waste.

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