Salt Stone: Naturally Cleanse Respiratory Airways

Turn Pure Salt Into An Effective, Trusted Respiratory Cleanse, At The Push Of A Button.

All the proven benefits of dry salt therapy in the comfort of your home.

Get allergy relief, boosted immunity, and cleaner lungs in as little as 5 minutes a day.

From the Innovators Behind SALT LIVE ENERGIZED

Salt Stone co-creators Jason Lundy and Carlos Lamarche believe New Yorkers deserved an escape from the city’s poor air quality.

After trying dry salt air therapy for themselves and becoming firm believers in the positive impact of deep-respiratory-system therapy, they opened up a pop-up spa location at the Sound View Hotel in Greenport, Long Island – a town by the sea. What was supposed to be a three month offering turned into two years due to enthusiastic demand from the community.

A dedicated location came next, and New York CIty’s largest premium salt air therapy treatment center opened in SoHo in January of 2020, with critical acclaim from publications such as:

Aerosolize Breathable Salt Air, Right In Your Home

Salt Stone uses a micro version of professional salt room technology to aerolize dry salt air into your lungs, right in the comfort of your home.

Harness This Widely Recognized Natural, Healthful Treatment

The centuries-old practice of Halotherapy, or dry salt therapy, is the process of breathing in microscopic salt particles to naturally cleanse deep inside your lungs and airways. It is often recommended by doctors, wellness practitioners and athletic coaches.

Relieve Allergies & Congestion Without Drugs or Discomfort

Saline rinses, humidifiers & Neti pots only reach the upper airways and can cause unwanted irritation & discomfort. Now you can get immediate relief by breathing in a concentrated airstream of medical l-grade salt that’s 100% natural & drug-free.

Custom Sessions to Fit Your Wellness Schedule

The 3 output levels & session times let you customize the experience that’s perfect for you.

Each session helps provide instant symptom relief & can strengthen respiratory health in the long term. Used daily, dry salt therapy can:

The Perfect Portable Respiratory Detox For Anyone

With 10+ hours of battery life, it’s easy to rejuvenate anywhere! Simply keep Salt Stone within three feet of your nose and mouth for full cleansing benefits.

What’s In The Box?

1 Salt Stone (White)
1 Salt Loading Funnel
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Extra Box Of Salt Packets (1 Month’s Supply)

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