Tully: AI bracelet to improve child’s emotional awareness

Helps children of all ages recognize, manage & deal with emotions properly. AI-powered. Discreet. LED & Vibration alerts

In a perfect world, all children would be born with the innate ability to understand and control their emotions. However, as we all know, the world is far from perfect

For many children, with hyperactive, hyperkinetic, ADHD, ADD, or other Sensory Integration Disorders, regulating their emotions can be a real challenge.

That’s why Tully was created— the first emotion management smart bracelet powered by an AI that is specifically designed to help kids recognize, manage and deal with their emotions.

By using a combination of biometrical sensors, machine learning algorithms, and personalized coaching methodologies, it guides children to understand their emotions and deal with them effectively.

Every child is different, with their own personality and set of emotions. Some days they may be happy and enthusiastic, while other days they may be grumpy and withdrawn.

Tully bracelet is designed to be personalized for each child individually, all thanks to the proprietary AI algorithms. Through a fully tested proprietary AI algorithm, based on an extensive database of individuals with hyperactivity, Tully bracelet learns over the time the behaviour patterns and early signs of agitation of your child.

It uses a tested AI algorithm built on a large database of other hyperactive people to learn over time the early signs of agitation and provide personalized prompts.

You will simply be amazed at how accurately Tully can predict your child’s intense emotional events in just a few days after starting to wear it.

Emotional awareness is a personal journey, and we want children to feel comfortable taking that journey in their own way. Whether they’re wearing it at school, in the park, or out with friends, Tully will stay as discreet and unobtrusive as possible.

We want your child to feel good about wearing the bracelet, not like they’re broadcasting their struggles to the world.

The sleek design paired with swappable silicone skin and strap color choices can make the Tully bracelet fashionable and fun to wear.

Tully is the non-drug and non-invasive solution for parents who want to give their kids struggling with attention and focuses challenges a very powerful tool to succeed on that path.

To provide the most accurate readings, Tully takes a multifaceted approach to monitoring biometrics.

Tully was designed for parents to coach their children in emotional regulation without having to micromanage every aspect of their life. It will guide them on how to remain calm and collected under any circumstance.

Now your children can easily learn how to control themselves, cope with emotional flares, and diminished attention problems. It’s the ultimate hands-off solution that frees up your time while still giving your child the attention they need to thrive.

No one wants to spend more time than necessary in therapy, and Tully can help you and your child make the most of your sessions.

The bracelet collects user data throughout the day so that they can be reviewed later, during the weekly session with the therapist.

The app can show you the behavioral and emotional status and evolution during the day, presented in tables and graphs to easily highlight areas to focus on! You will know when your child was most calm during the day with the tracked aggregated data, allowing you to better target when to provide support or intervene.

With Tully you won’t have to worry about your child being put in timeout because he overacted or went through a meltdown in class.

Once Tully senses your child is becoming agitated, it sends a gentle silent vibration to let them know they are reaching an elevated state without decentralizing them. Tully also comes equipped with a false alarm button to better train the AI to avoid false positives.

Tully can also give visual cues to your child with customizable LED Light patterns.

If your child needs additional help, the Guiding App will give them advice on how to get back to an aware and calm state through guided relaxing and breathing exercises.

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