WrisLax – The 1st-of-Its-Kind Wearable Wrist Massager

Looseness and relaxation anywhere you go. It’s possible!

Gamers and people who work on a computer all day long know how tired and stressed the wrist can get after a few hours of activity, let alone a full day. As common as this experience is, and as widespread as stress has become, there has been no solution to this problem

WrisLax is the first wearable device of its kind, building a new level of convenience into wrist massages. Unlike other massagers, which force you to stop doing what you are doing in order to use them, WrisLax works while you are playing games or typing on your keyboard.

Sore joints, carpal tunnel, finger numbness, and any other stresses: WrisLax can help you. One of the reasons WrisLax is so effective is its electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), a low-frequency pulse that uses current to stimulate muscle contraction.

This, combined with a traditional vibration massage, deliver the relief that you crave – all day long!This is a highly effective innovation, sure to keep your wrist loose and relaxed, applying safe but impactful electrical muscles to your muscle in order to elicit responses from them and work out any tightness.


Through the ultra-low pulse massage “Nei Guan Point”, not only can play a tranquilizing effect but also can effectively stimulate the secretion of neurotransmitters. This can relieve insomnia and help to sleep better. Wrislax has an Ultra-low frequency pulses mode which can boost Θ/THETA brain waves. By transmitting it to the brain through the hands, it can rescue insomnia and anxiety.

Stimulates Neurotransmitter Secretion.

Transcranial microcurrent can enhance theta brain waves in the brain, enhance the secretion of neurotransmitters, purely physical action, help to fall asleep quickly, and get healthy, quality sleep.

As a wearable, WrisLax affords you the freedom that other massagers do not. You can take it anywhere you go, traveling far and wide. For the on-the-go professional, and for the gamer traveling from one gaming venue to another, out of your living room and into your nearest esports stadium and back again, this is a degree of portability that is unheard of in the market for massagers.

It is even more than powerful, though. WrisLax is also convenient. You can turn the strap inside out, for a mobile, miniature massager you can apply it anywhere on your body. Although it looks small, it is incredibly powerful, making an impact so that you can let go, breathe deeply, and live the happy, carefree life you have imagined for yourself.

The strap, although effective at keeping WrisLax in place, is simultaneously flexible and comfortable as well. You may even forget you’re wearing it – right up until you turn it back on and start enjoying the vibration again!

A light that will let you know which mode you are using and when its battery is low, flashing red three times before it goes out.

A sleek, minimalist style means that it is not only a practical wearable but a fashionable accessory too.

Right now, we are looking to raise the funds that we need to manufacture, market, and distribute WrisLax on a large scale. Our goal through this campaign is $5000. To reach that goal, we are pre-selling our groundbreaking wearable massager to you before we offer it anywhere else.

As an added thank-you, we will also be offering WrisLax at a discount, exclusively through this campaign, shipped within two months after the campaign ends. We are also offering some add-ons, including medical cold compresses and replaceable straps.

Pre-order now and get your WrisLax. Your wrists will love you for it!


To date, we have put substantial work into engineering a world-class wearable. We have worked off of a revolutionary design and partnered with experts in production. We are ready to follow through on this launch. If we need to delay our timeline for any reason, we will be sure to send out an update. You can count on us to remain transparent throughout this process.

Earn 10% Cash Back for Helping us Spread the Word!

In addition to making a monetary contribution to this campaign, you can show your support for WrisLax by sharing a link to the campaign page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platforms you use. You can also get 10% of all the sales from your recommendation. Go ahead and spread the word!

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