WAY CITY – the best value e-Bike ever

Where you can find high-quality e-Bike comes at a reasonable price!! Back us to get 40% discount.


*To bring high-quality yet best value e-Bike to market so everyone can take a step toward sustainability traveling is our commitment. Wayfort International, Inc. – US registered startup designs and manufactures WAYBIKE – all-electric bikes for greener mobility and a way to amplify lifestyle today and future.
*WAY CITY – the best value and sleekest powerful foldable e-Bike, standing out with elegant design holding all features essential to freely wander the streets. Design inspired by an urban lifestyle so you could engage the city to the next level.
*Beyond market offering, all WAY CITY comes with free pre-installed add-on items including a phone holder and charger, super bright front light, rear racks, back reflector, and front and rear PVC fenders.
*A whole new experience and freedom to ride with 3 riding modes with one hand operated to select between exercising mode, pedal assistive mode, or pure electric mode. Turn on your metropolitan way of life
*Strike the street with a stunning two-tone color design. With our 3 color options available, you can be sleek, bold, or classic. It’s all certain eye-catching and stands out from the crowd.
*Combines core engine of 350 W motor and car-grade battery 48v 10.4 Ah, WAY CITY can reach top speed at 25 – 32 km/h and travel up to 30 – 60 kilometers on a single charge. Power your ride on a whole new level.
*Shimano 7-speed gear is installed to make your ride more flexible and it’s easy to control with a single hand.


Experience new impressions. Feel unique and stand out from every ride. WAYBIKE unites innovative soul, creativity, and iconicity into our all-electric bike. It’s your riding buddy giving you comfort yet the excitement of exploring the world. Together, we are riding on the path of future mobility and a way to a greener earth.

WAY CITY, the Sleekest Foldable e-Bike.

Everlasting design. Extraordinary performance. WAY CITY enables you to navigate across the city like never before. Pure electric power e-Bike with 3 riding modes. This flexibility enables you to escape from traffic on busy roads and save money from rising gas prices. A powerful new WAY CITY inspired by urban life is the future of city mobility.


Harmony of strength and gentleness is our core design in WAY CITY. Confident yet so attractive – the combination of solid straight frame, curved components, of course, and pair of well-picked colors is perfect for enabling the enjoyment of urban life

Color your own WAY

WAY CITY is now available with 3 harmonized colors – charming that makes you stand out on city street. Choose your own WAY.

Onyx Black/Smoke White

Classic balance and timeless harmony – white as day and black as night. Endless experience awaits to uncover.

Smoke White/ Nordic Blue

Natural harmony – shiny white and the vast sky are captured. Sky has no limits so is your journey.

Aether Red/Onyx Black

So strong yet beautiful – Red and Black Lava. Ignite your passion for growing strong and stronger.

Potential in mini size!

We designed WAY CITY so no space can limit its possibilities. Store it anywhere from your apartment, office, or even car when you need a buddy to explore the world. In just 3 steps, it can be downsized from 160 cm long, 118 cm high, 60 cm wide to 80 cm long, 68 cm high, and 58 cm wide.

Organized for a neat look

All wiring for operating a powerful engine is meticulously structured so that no tangled wires distract you from the new level of riding and enjoyment.


The speed at your command

Control riding sensation from the handlebars. Effortlessly, our 350 W motor propels you to top speeds of 25 – 32 km/h*.

Maximum speed may vary by jurisdiction based on regulatory speed limits.

Freedom to choose riding mode

Better than ever, embrace the freedom to switch modes to personalize your riding experience. Our 3-riding mode is ready to ease your riding and experience urban confidence.

Pedaling Mode: Back to the old-school bike. No electric power is used in this mode so it’s perfect when you want to exercise.

Padel Assistive Mode: Augmented natural pedaling with a boost of motor power in 5 adjustable levels. The higher the level, the more power from the motor. This balancing mode is perfect for maximizing range and helps climbing hills, inclining or even smoothing your ride, and reducing stress on joints.

Full Electric Power Mode: Full power engine effortlessly make a ride to your destinations. So it means no pedaling. It’s perfect when you feel tired, want to give your leg a break, or don’t want to get sweaty.



When everyone in the market offers these necessary useful items as add-ons and riders need to purchase them separately. Because our goal is to bring the best value e-Bike to the market, so all WAY CITY installed free extra pre-installed items. You don’t have to pay additional money.



As we set our funding goal, we also want to go extra by offering stretch goals that unlock at each level. Please spread the word about this project initiative to your friends, family, and anybody else you care about! We hope, together, we can go further.

$300k: Cool WAYBIKE T-Shirt

We are on the same WAY! We want to share our appreciation by offering our cool t-shirt in the perk.

$600k: Bike Helmet

Safety is our priority! We want to offer Bike Helmet in the perk so every commuting is safer.

$900k: Color Display

See it more colorful! All WAY CITY orders will be upgraded with a Color LCD display without any further charges.

Note: Shipping the best WAY CITY as soon as possible is our first objective. If there is any reason caused by any upgrade that significantly impacts our project timeline and is unable to go live or is below our standard – we may ship you with an existing display in our model.


We collaborated with our experienced manufacturer to finalize our product design and manufacturing process. We’d set our goal to raise $180,000 to get the campaign off the ground. This is our initial step, and we pledge to unleash our project and encourage others to join us on our journey toward sustainability.

For our supporters, we offer a discount of 40% off the retail price.


1 x WAY CITY (85% pre-assembled)

1 x Charger

1 x Tool

1 x WAY CITY Manual

1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Pre-assembled and ready to go

Our WAY City will arrive at your door with 85% pre-assembled. No worries! Every step for that 15% is provided in detail to ensure that you can ride and explore as you receive it.


As we develop and create e-Bike for the market, more than anything, we would love to see our riders as buddies to ride on sustainability journeys and make greener from everyday transportation. WAYBIKE commits to making our bikes better and better to create an impressive experience on every ride.

Share our project. Let’s go on this journey together!



Wayfort International, Inc. is a startup registered in Delaware, US aspiring to make every day traveling to the next level of riding experience and bring high-quality e-Bike yet the best value to you. We have our operational base in Thailand to initiate a close relationship with manufacturers in Asia and an expert team who have experience in the e-Bike industry including Manufacturers of the global e-Bike market. We are able to utilize our geographical advantage to source quality parts at a reasonable cost and are able to offer you the best value e-Bike.

Our ambition

Combining lifestyle and innovation to create the e-Bike that our rides happily ride every day is part of our commitment to reducing carbon footprints, and we want to provide electrical vehicles that help everyone start their sustainability step.


We have completed the discussion design with our well-selected manufacturer with more-than-17-years of experience and are ready to start production anytime our goal is reached. Our selection criteria and operations aim that deliver you our perk is our prime objective.

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