Sequent SolarCharger – Solar charging smartwatch

Powered with the largest solar panel ever made for a hybrid smart watch

We’re part of a movement that fights against the waste of resources, caused by needlessly short product lifecycles. Especially in the wearable industry where new technologies become obsolete before they’re even released in products! New processors, more pixels,…so many reasons to get distracted on what really matters, YOU!

The new Sequent SolarCharger smart self-charging watch. Gives health monitoring a whole new look & feel. Collects your physiological data 24/7 to provide the most accurate and granular understanding of your body + autonomous solar powered sapphire dial.

Using a large surface area allows us to harvest energy like no other smartwatch. This new green charging solution that provides you an unparalleled power autonomy. And because we use all the area of the watch face it allows us to capture most of the outdoor and indoor light.
We designed the next generation of smartwatches powered with solar harvesting technology.

The fresh new concept provides virtually infinite power autonomy, as long as there is sun or a source of light. Once the internal power cell is fully charged it gives you a standby time of more than a year. The autonomous charging module is interconnected with the most cutting-edge health monitoring sensor technologies.

The New Oxygen 2.0 app is your -state of the art- health coach companion.

A single place to sync on-demand and securely store all your data. Activity, steps, calories, sport tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking and even more.

Swiss SuperLumiNova® pigments are the preferred choice of the Swiss watch industry for the longest possible afterglow performance.

It works like a light storage battery, where light charges the battery and afterwards the light is continuously emitted. This activation and subsequent light emission process can be repeated again and again, and the material does not suffer any ageing.

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