World’s Most Customizable Medication Reminder!

Take control of your medication regimen with this smart container with eight customizable alerts.

RxKeeper: Cutting Edge Solution for Medication Reminders

RxKeeper® reminds you to take your meds on time. . . 

RxKeeper® is a solution to tackle the costliest health problem in America: Medication Adherence. This product seamlessly integrates into users’ lives and encourages them to take control of their health.
Aiming to tackle the massive problem of medication non-adherence, RxKeeper® is a simple yet effective way to ensure you and your loved ones are reminded to take medications and vitamins on time and on schedule, without the overwhelming annoyance of notification fatigue.
We plan to positively influence behavior and increase medication adherence by leveraging sensors and smart notifications (Push, SMS, Email, Voice calls, Smart Speakers, and Smart Bulbs/Displays).

Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving lives by offering highly affordable, advanced technology solutions to increase medication adherence for patients, from those with many prescriptions to parents managing kids’ medication and older adults keeping track of their medications. Our solutions address Medication Adherence to reduce the burden on people in need of care and their caregivers and care institutions.

Problem – Poor Medication Adherence

“Drugs do not work in patients who do not take them.” – Dr. Everett Koop, Former U.S. Surgeon General. Every one percent improvement in adherence results in $2 billion in savings to the U.S. healthcare system and better health for patients.

Improving adherence is a solution that has almost no downside.

Solution – RxKeeper®

RxKeeper® is an affordable medication adherence solution – a mobile container connected by WiFi that helps individuals through various active behavioral interventions. In addition, the solution includes an App that provides transparency and insights to the user, healthcare provider, concerned family members, and payer. Medication nonadherence is linked to ~125,000 deaths per year in the United States alone and has been called the costliest health problem in America.

Product Features

*Easy-to-use. Intuitive. Senior-friendly.
*WiFi cloud connectivity. Real-time tracking.
*Notifications: Push, SMS, Email, Voice call, Smart Speaker, and Smart Bulb/Displays.
*Family and Caregiver alerts and available data sharing.
*Temperature sensors to help store medicines in the proper environment
*Graphs and historical adherence analytics.
*Portable, sturdy container with secure lock, large clock, and audible flashing alarms.

A lock and keys are provided to secure your RxKeeper container.

RxKeeper® App

*Track when the container was opened & closed
*Historical sensor data helps review adherence (e.g., missed or multiple dosages)
*Customizable reminder notifications (e.g., choose your timings; optional Push, SMS, Email, and Voice notifications; Smart Bulb)
*Alert service notifies only when a user forgets to take vitamins/medications (no notification fatigue)
*Application access can be shared with 3rd parties (e.g., family members with an elderly parent or caretakers at a nursing home)
*User-friendly for elderly and non-tech savvy
*Substantially reducing notification fatigue
*Quick Demo to show the App functionality

User Interactions

Smart Speaker Notifications

Smart Bulb Notifications

Enterprise Web Portal

A web portal is available for family members, and caregivers to monitor medication adherence.

Tools for Success: Pill Cases and Medicine Lists

Who Needs It?

Product Overview

Remembering to take your prescribed medications and vitamins at the appropriate times might be challenging in today’s world. Yet, amidst all the diversions and challenges, you can have a well-established routine and take control of your health with RxKeeper®.
RxKeeper® is an easy-to-use mobile container with an available WiFi notification system designed to take meds as prescribed and on time. The RxKeeper® Container is sturdy and secure, and it is designed to hold your medications and vitamins. In addition, RxKeeper® monitors your medication adherence with an integrated motion sensor and reminder notifications, allowing you to manage your medication intake better.

RxKeeper® Container

Size: Length 8 inches, Width: 6 inches, Height: 5 inches

RxKeeper® Model (Alarm Clock + WiFi Compatible) is a sturdy and secure container designed to hold your medications and vitamins. It has a temperature display and a motion-detecting alarm clock that will ring and flash if you forget to take your medication. In addition, the alarm will not ring if you open the container before the set alarm time, reducing alert fatigue.

Setting the RxKeeper® Alarm Clock

The RxKeeper® Alarm Clock has three red buttons. to set time and AM and PM alarm times.

Smart Clock with Temperature and Motion Sensor

Cascading Alarms & Flashing Lights

The alarm rings, and the light flashes at alarm time. If you do not open the container to take your medication, there is another alarm at 5, 15, and 30 mins after alarm time. No alarm will sound if you take your medication before the alarm time. No alert fatigue!

Subscription Pricing – Year 1 is Free

Starter Edition – Free App – No subscription required

*App Push notifications at Alarm time on the smartphone (iPhone/Android)
*Share your App data with multiple family members and caregivers
*Audible cascading alarm and flashing lights on the RxKeeper container (Even if you lose power and WiFi connectivity)

PRO Edition – In-App purchase for $2.99/month – Cancel Anytime! (Year 1 FREE)

*App Push notifications at Alarm time on the smartphone (iPhone/Android)
*Share your App data with multiple family members and caregivers
*Audible cascading alarm and flashing lights on the RxKeeper container
*Customizable SMS/email/Voice/Smart speakers, plugs, and bulbs notifications
Web Portal for Monitoring

What’s in the Box?

AM/PM Pill Organizer, Medication Card, Keys for locking container, 4× Batteries Included


RxKeeper assembled and ready to ship!

Features for Competitive Analysis

Use these feature sets to compare to similar products

Competition – Price Performance

RxKeeper is an order of magnitude cheaper with more features

Biggest Differentiator

Don’t get us wrong! We have tried some great medication reminders. Some have had successful campaigns here. Most were complicated, over-engineered, bulky, had expensive subscription pricing, relied on spotty Bluetooth connection to an App on a smartphone within 30ft, had low battery life, required major behavior changes by users, and had reminder cues that caused alert fatigue.

We created an intuitive feature-rich medication reminder

*No App is needed near the Rxkeeper container. Data pushed to cloud via WiFi
*Eight switchable and customizable notifications
*Intuitive reminder cues for each person (Customizable reminder notifications using Push, email, voice, smart bulbs, smart message display, smart speaker)
*No major behavior change interacting with the Rxkeeper container. (Just a container to hold all your medication and pill organizer)
*Starter Edition is Free to use forever! (You get Push notification, Audible and visual alarm on container and App sharing with family/Caregivers) and we made our subscription extremely affordable. Just 10 cents a day subscription for the Pro Edition (With it, you get customizable reminder notifications using your email, voice, compatible smart bulbs, smart message display, and smart speaker)

Technology Stack

FCC, CE, RoHS Certifications completed

Intellectual Property


RxKeeper® is an integral part of any Digital Health Ecosystem

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