Scorpio – Make Neapolitan Pizza at Home With Ease

High-grade, 304 stainless steel pizza oven with dual fuel options and self-rotating 16” pizza stone.

Scorpio™ Pizza Oven is a state-of-the-art pizza oven with a 16-inch self-rotating stone and dual fuel options. Cook every pizza to perfection at 850°F in as little as 90 seconds or less, using propane or wood.

Scorpio™ makes Neapolitan pizza accessible, repeatable, and portable for everyone—from the first-time pizza maker to the pizzaiolo proofing “00” Italian flour over days.

Traditionally, cooking a true Neapolitan pizza requires an extreme and unforgiving environment that’s hard to replicate without a full-size pizza oven. But Scorpio™ makes it easy for anyone to work with 850°F+ heat to create a Neapolitan pizza just like the pros.

No more constantly turning pizzas or losing heat with manual spinning. Scorpio’s™ 360° Revolution does the spinning for you. Our 16-inch stone revolves twice every minute, so your pizza cooks evenly, allowing you to launch and retrieve pizza without turning the pizza by hand.

Don’t let Scorpio’s™ size fool you. It’s easy to maintain the 850° required to create a perfect Neapolitan crust from every angle thanks to the oven’s unique heat-flow design.

Scorpio’s™ patent-pending Reverse Flow Draft™ design creates lightweight, thermal efficiency by pulling the fire over the pizza, then innovatively recycling that intense heat by pulling it into a secondary chamber, back over the dome.

The Scorpio™ Pizza Oven sets up in minutes and the modular design allows you to share your passion with family and friends. Cook impressive pizzas at the tailgate, campground or right in your backyard.

The ceramic viewing window lets you pinpoint when your crust has that perfect Neapolitan leoparding, without opening the door and losing precious heat.

After you wrap up, the removable pizza stone makes cleaning up a snap

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