BleuAir: Portable & Powerful All-In-One Air Compressor

Portable & Compact Design | 4500PSI/ 30Mpa Output | Powered by 100-240V/12V Car Battery | Snorkeling Air Tank & Paintball Gun Refilling

BleuAir is a stylish and compact air compressor that can be powered by 12V car and home power sources to inflate your paintball tanks, snorkeling air tanks, and other inflatables. Portable and powerful, this device can handle your inflation needs both indoors and outdoors.

For sports, camping, travel and outdoor fun, a high quality air compressor is a necessity. Don’t waste hours going to the gas station just to pump up your basketball, paintball and snorkeling air tanks, or struggle trying to manually inflate an air mattress while camping. With BleuAir, all your inflation needs are solved in an instant.

As an essential in-case-of-emergency item, buying an air compressor for your home is usually not cost-effective due to its limited usage, bulky size and high price. And although smaller air compressors are available, they are typically designed to be kept in places where they can be plugged into a home power source. When it comes to portable outdoor use, the power supply limitations, and lack of portability exclude them from consideration.

BleuAir is designed to meet all your indoor and outdoor inflatable needs in one small yet powerful device. It has improved portability and ergonomics so that it can be easily held in one hand, and has been specially designed to eliminate power limitations. With BleuAir’s compatibility with 12V car power supply, you can truly inflate anything, anywhere, at any time. In addition, BleuAir also has an integrated water separator to output water-free air, further expanding its versatility for recreational use.

Earlier this year, we announced our first Kickstarter project – a multi-functional screwdriver set that received a lot of support.

Although modern technology has made professional tools smaller and more convenient for home use, many still take an industrial approach to form and function – a focus on a single task and a rugged, unadorned appearance. Deluxra considers home-use tools to be part of the household, and should therefore be more elegant, easier to use, and have better compatibility. That’s why we created BleuAir, a compact air compressor with powerful features and a contemporary style.

BleuAir is an unprecedented air compressor that offers the best combination of portability and power. Built around a mighty 250W motor, BleuAir delivers reliable and steady airflow with pressures up to 4500 PSI/30Mpa, which is enough oomph to meet all of your inflation needs both indoors and out.

In contrast to traditional air compressors, BleuAir has a simple cubic design that is compact and stylish, easy to store in any corner of the house or to take on the road and you can even bring it with you on vacation to inflate an inflatable bed or a snorkeling air tank. It’s so compact and lightweight that you can easily pack it in your luggage.

BleuAir will be a quiet, reliable, and indispensable tool in your garage or trunk. From balls to bicycle tires, BleuAir will handle all your inflation needs, not to mention balloons for parties or an inflatable bed for your backyard pool.

BleuAir also provides excellent performance outdoors. Thanks to its compatibility with 12V car power supply, it can pump up your inflatable camping couch, fill your empty snorkeling air tank, and even pump up a low car tire in just minutes.

When the safety pressure is reached, BleuAir will automatically release air to prevent any damage from overinflating. You can also check the air pressure in the item at any time with BleuAir’s high accuracy luminous pressure gauge to ensure proper inflation.

Everyone’s paintball experience is exciting, to say the least. High-intensity tactical games, with an array of weaponry to choose from, and the possibility of being pummeled with paint at any moment. However, when the gas starts to run out, the pellets will start to fall short and loose velocity. Just take BleuAir to the field and it will do its job! You are completely self-sufficient and will get unlimited compressed gas refills for paintball.

BleuAir uses an oil-free compressor, which does not require oil for mechanical lubrication or cooling. This eliminates the hassle of replacing oil or checking for leaks and airflow from BleuAir doesn’t need to be filtered for use in air tanks. Also, with the oil-free design, you don’t have to suffer from the unpleasant smells.

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