Pixy Mini:The Most Powerful Powerbank For Its Size

Smaller than credit card | Only 98g/3.45oz | 0-60% in 30 mins| Dual Output | 5000 mAh | 18W PD Input

Most modern powerbanks are often heavy, bulky and slow and do not take into consideration the burden of carrying them. Introducing the World’s Most Powerful Powerbank For Its Size, Pixy Mini.Forget your old and heavy powerbank, Pixy Mini is here to change the game!

Small, Portable, Light and Powerful!

We have stepped up the game to set a new benchmark that defines portability and charging power all in one.  

Even with a size smaller than a credit card and weighing only 98g/3.45oz, it can 

  • Charge your phone 1-1.5 times (5000 mAh)
  • Fast Charge your phone from 0-60% in just 30 minutes! (4 x faster)
  • Dual Output – Charge 2 devices simultaneously! 
  • Quickly recharge fully in just 1.5 hours! (3 x faster)
  • and much much more! 

Take it anywhere with you

You never have to think twice again about which powerbank leaves the home with you. Just slip and slide into your pocket and you won’t even realize it’s there until you need it.

So small, So Light

The major problem and why users always hesitate to carry a powerbank with them is the size and weight. Now with the all-new Pixy Mini, size and weight are concerns of the past. No longer will you have to carry a brick around, at only 98g/3.45oz and a form factor of a car key, Pixy Mini easily fits in the smallest pocket, pouch, bag and you won’t even feel the difference, unlike conventional powerbanks.

The Smallest & Most Powerful Mini Powerbank!

Ultra-Fast 20W Power Delivery & QC 3.0

This little powerhouse offers up to 20W Power Delivery and QC 3.0 technology, it can fast charge most of your devices including your iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, GoPro, Nintendo Switch, Kindle and much more!

Small but mighty

Bet you never thought a powerbank smaller than a credit card can provide emergency power to your power-hungry Macbook Air? With Pixy Mini with you anywhere anytime, you can always rely on Pixy Mini as an emergency backup solution for all situations. 

Easily finish your presentation at the café while you’re grabbing a quick coffee, or even get you through a video conference when the power runs out. Never let anything stop your progress, meeting, presentation or more! Futurizta not only helps connect your devices together but also connects you to your work, client, family, friends and life’s best moments.

Nowadays most users own more than 1 gadget so charging one at a time is just not efficient and time consuming. Imagine having phone, tablet, cameras and you’re only limited to charging one device. Pixy Mini offers dual output ports – Type-C for your modern devices and USB-A for your older devices, so you get the best of both worlds! 

Recharge 3 x Faster than Standard Powerbank!

So great you brought your bulky brick-sized powerbank out and used up the juice, now what? With conventional powerbanks, you would have to wait 5 hours before your powerbank is ready to go with you again. But now with Pixy Mini’s 18W input, you can fully fill it up in 1.5 hours! Now you won’t have to wait long before bringing Pixy Mini to your next adventure!

With pass-through charging, you can easily charge Pixy Mini and your phone together. Now you do not have to worry about the lack of USB-Port! 

Safe, Fast and Secure

Pixy Mini is CE, FCC Certified and RoHs Compliant to ensure the highest safety standard

 Pixy Mini is equipped with multiple layers of safety protection so you can use it with  peace of mind

  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over-current Protection
  • Over-Voltage Protection
  • Extreme temperature Protection

5000 mAh -Fully Charge your phone 1-1.5x times

Why 5000 mAh you ask? The average phone capacity according to research is only 2500mAh, our engineers have decided to design Pixy Mini to be as small as possible while holding as much charge as possible for its size.

Why have a 20,000 mAh powerbank if it adds unnecessary weight, take up a huge amount of space and charges so slow? Pixy Mini’s 5000 mAh capacity, Ultra-fast charging and miniature form factor is enough to charge your phone 1.5x and is the perfect powerbank for any short outing.  

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