Kyan: A Slim Magnetic Phone Stand that can be Used Anywhere

360° rotation foldable cell phone stand for desktop, car & any surface. Magnetic design compatible with iPhone, Android phone & tablets

As we increasingly rely on our phones for work, play, and precious freedom in the bathroom, giving your hands and head a break is the least you can do to separate yourself from technology. Magnetic phone holders offer a lot of convenience because of the ease of use and the way that they don’t take up much space. Introducing Kyan, a magnetic phone stand with the most compact, flexible design that can be applied to a lot of scenarios, including desktop, car, any surface, monitor, etc.. It works for your iPhone, Android phone and tablet.

The Kyan cell phone stand uses a simplified square base to keep your phone securely for easy streaming, Facetime calls, Skype, or Zoom meeting without getting your hands tired. The metal frame can all be pulled out to hold the phone in one spot vertically or horizontally.

While some phone holders pack in all kinds of features like wireless charging, that isn’t what the Kyan is about. Instead, it’s as simple as it can be, and it literally covers all your everyday use scenarios.

With sticky 3M adhesive at the bottom of the base, the stand attaches to any surface, while your phone sticks to the holder using magnets. It is very useful as it keeps your hands free wherever you are. While driving, at the gym, on a kitchen cupboard while cooking, on the bathroom mirror while putting on the makeup and a lot more. You can even stick it to a monitor or laptop to easily view text messages or answer calls at work.

Sticking to any flat surface when you want to grip your phone/tablet on to that surface truly offers the convenience and saves you from arm strain. Simply tear off the 3M adhesive and attach the stand to any flat surface.

When you want the stand off that surface, just detach it from the surface, and away you go! The 3M adhesive can be used multiple times but try to prevent it from catching dirt or dust.

Kyan offers a cross-device compatibility: it holds your iPhone, Android phone and tablet securely via the nearly invisible design. For iPhone 12/13 series/iPad or any mobile phone as well as tablet with metal back, they fix to the stand directly by means of magnetic attraction. The phone area has been built with 6 strong magnets to ensure that even if your mobile device has a protective case, it can be firmly absorbed as well.

But what about devices with glass back and other non-metal materials? Do they work? Definitely. We have included a sticky metal piece so that you can attach to your device and make it fully compatible with the magnetic area. So Kyan is a one-of-a-kind mobile devices holder, which allows you to hold ANY mobile device to ANY flat surface.

Kyan phone stand is compact enough to to fold flat and doesn’t take up much space, it extends to create a really useful stand so you can make your phone independent at any angle.

It folds up to fit right in your palm and has 2 axes in total – one is with the base which rotates 360 degrees, and the other is with the magnetic panel which rotates at full angle of 360 degrees. The two-axis structure allows your device to be adjusted to any angle, keeping it safely and securely without any pressure.

The design gives the full flexibility especially when you want to view the phone from a preferable angle.

Kyan is carefully equipped with anti-scratch silicone pad to protect your device from accidental sliding and possible scratches. Rest your device with it in a lot of circumstances: if you love taking selfies or create vlogs no matter where you are, find a flat surface and kick off the work without worrying about tripods or bulky stands.

Stick the stand to a gym machine while you exercise, or if you’re constantly on the go and travel a lot, you may stick the stand on a plan back seat or on your car dashboard while you drive.

The frame is made of CNC precision engraving zinc alloy, featuring high strength, ultra durability that keeps fresh and unfading colors as new even using for a long time. The anodizing surface process also gives corrosion resistance feature. You could enjoy the comfortable sense of touch even on the edge.

It is very simple to install, carry and use. It offers one-handed operation and definitely frees your hands once it’s absorbed to the magnet. Whether you are FaceTiming, watching films, playing games, viewing recipes, reading, or typing, Kyan is a perfect solution.

The compactness greatly optimizes your space. You can even have multiple displays computing experience when attaching it to your monitor. Drop it to a pocket with you wherever you go.

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