Bould Pack: Inspired by Nature. Geared For Travel.

An all-rounder travel sling & hip pack with unique expandability & organization. Crafted from natural, non-synthetic materials.

We spent months looking for a durable, natural material that could not just repel water but also would last for a lifetime of travel. Our journey brought us to Hemp Canvas, a plant-based textile with 4x the tear resistance of cotton! We sought to use only natural materials — lowering our reliance on synthetics that can take centuries to break down.

Early prototypes convinced us to add an expandable section. It gives you the flexibility of a slim and sleek bag for your light-duty daily carry with the option to expand when you need space for your favorite gadget.

Simply unzip the rear section of the bag to open up 22% more bag space. That’s just enough capacity to fit a full-size camera or a medium-sized reusable water bottle.

We designed the Bould pack to be useful in any travel scenario. You can wear it as a crossbody pack, hip pack, or as a sling across your back. The subtle design complements all sorts of outfits without compromising comfort or functionality.

Great for all activities from travel, dog walking, hiking, photography, music festivals, and much more!

5 different-sized pockets make it easy to pack and find all the essentials for your next adventure. There’s also a hidden pocket in the back where you could store important valuables like a passport or wallet. 

The bag’s interior is made from a lighter grade hemp textile with natural antibacterial qualities, making it a little more okay if you accidentally leave your lunch inside for a few days.

We chose Hemp first for its durability, but additionally because of the powerful regenerative qualities it provides for our planet’s soil system. After harvest, this highly efficient plant resource leaves the soil in better condition than before, a quality that will become more necessary in our lifetime.

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