Titan: The Lightest 3-in-1 SnapStand Kit

Ergonomic Height | Universal Compatibility | Omni-angle | Seamless Height&Angle Adjustment | Vegan-Friendly Material

Meet the Titan SnapStand Kit, the one that was created specifically for flexible workspaces with flexible devices

Titan comes in three sizes: Mini, Pro, and Max. Each is perfect for social media maniacs, compact writers, or daily work. Big or small, all Titans are equipped with durable, pure mechanical hinges, which enable smooth omni-angle adjustment like a mechanical arm, while offering far superior weight support for all mobile devices than any other stand in the market.

The Titan set was crafted for every device. In our opinion, a self-fitting ergonomic device is the essence of ergonomics itself—people don’t need to buy or carry much in pursuit of a better posture.  Three is the maximum we need.

The paper-thin structure of Titan defines its versatility. We managed to pack all the functions into a compact body that makes it easy to use anywhere, while offering superb adaptation to any work/life scenarios.

If we talk about the conflict between adjustability and stability, we must bring the patented triangle structure onto the table. The shape offers the best holding stability while allowing us to shave off the weight of the stand as much as possible. But how stable? You might ask. You know iPad drawing, right? You can turn the iPad and keep drawing a circle, the stand would not move.

Each and every Titan stand is equipped with a premium mechanical hinge. It’s premium, it’s compact, and it’s silky smooth in motion with the special damping setting. But we took it one-step further by allowing ANY device to enjoy this mechanism.

Most screens were designed with landscape/portrait mode. Some would switch between different orientations to form the best information flow, or simply put them side-by-side for easier work management. With Titan, you can alternate between these combos smoothly and easily, like an invisible monitor arm, but for every device, and for every movement possible.

The set comes with 2 styles of attachment: magnetic with MagSticker, and universal MagHolder.

With a MagSticker, literally ANY device’s back can be attached to the Titan easily and fast. Doesn’t matter how many devices you have, putting a sticker on makes it snapped on in one second. The nature of magnetic attachment also means you can switch between devices seamlessly with zero setups required.

If your device doesn’t support magnetic attachment and you find it unnecessary to tag on anything to make it work like that, we also have a universal MagHolder that finishes the job cleanly and neatly without sticking anything on your work tool. Landscape/portrait mode is compatible, and the cable passage keeps the power support when you are working on heavy load.

Hinge and hinge lifespan are inseparable. The Titan can endure 30,000 folds(or fold-ups) and still run well. It immediately signs up a years-long working contract with you. The holding mechanics stay rock-solid after days and days of work. It has to act like a strong arm for your devices before we claim it to be. As for the basic material, the vegan-friendly coverage and additional coating make Titan a sharp-looking and future-proof for the environment.

To extend its life beyond practicality, we adopted a simple, yet essential design language, shaving off every unnecessary bit and keeping the Titan stealthy, sharp to look and feel. We hope that this set is an adequate addition to your clean and sleek table. Plus it keeps a low profile when it’s not in use.  

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