RE:VISION – Biodegradable Sunglasses | 100% Nature Friendly

Re:vision is made entirely from recycled paper. The entire frame is biodegradable and the production is 100% ECO-Friendly all the way.

Introducing Zerpico sunglasses that are 100% eco-friendly, made completely out of recycled paper. The entire frame is biodegradable and produced in a way that does not harm the environment. 

We have always strived to bring great quality sunglasses to our open-minded customers and fans over the years. But the hardest part of bringing this project to life was keeping both the build quality, design appearance and new eco-friendly materials at the same level of quality our customers expect.

100% biodegradable & recyclable

The world will never be the same again. Climate change has supercharged in recent years, the signs are visible everywhere we look and if we don’t do something small now our children and grandchildren will inherit a planet that may not be able to recover again.

That’s why, here at Zerpico, we want to do our bit to support the reversal of these shocking figures. Zerpico was born in Sweden, the impacts of climate change are close to our hearts and this is why we are thrilled to finally be able to produce a product that has no negative climate impact whatsoever. 

The whole process, from design, manufacturing and the final product, will put the environment first. To truly deliver a range that is 100% environmentally friendly, we will manufacture everything from the frame, bags, boxes and cleaning cloths from renewable materials.

Wayfarers are the most recognizable sunglasses design throughout history of eyewear. Even though the design has gone through some changes over time, the original design  will probably always be similar to what it once was. When they first were introduced to the masses they were considered to be revolutionary as they didn’t look anything like sunglasses that had been offered before.

The characteristic design can be described to have a thick upper rim that leads to what is called wings, and has become a must-have accessory for most people.

The designer frames are found in next to all sizes, shapes and colors and both men and women consider them as go-to sunglasses because of their shape and details that characterize them.

For people who consider round sunglasses their favorite, the round style frame of our Re:vision sunglasses, give them a unique design.

Through history, many famous people consider round shaped eyewear to be their go-to design. Celebrities like John Lennon and Janis Joplin could rarely be seen without their glasses with round shapes . If you are a creative person then round sunglasses might just be the right thing for you to wear.

Square shaped sunglasses has had an uplift in recent years. The design has become an instant classic and is considered a dominant shape for those that wants a bit more cover. 

The model is a bit bigger than the previous two and will fit those who are into more over sized shades perfectly.

Obtaining recycled paper

Most of the paper that is being recycled today is old newspapers, so we try to get our hands on as much of it as we can. We also think that the prints from newspapers give them such a cool look when used as frames for sunglasses. 

Pressing under extreme heat

To be able to cut the paper into our desired shape, we need to press it under extreme heat to get it into a much more solid material. We are then being able to laser cut the paper with high precision into frames that will endure as much damage as more traditional sunglass material, such as stainless steel or acetate. 


  •  Black frame 
  •  Brown frame 
  •  Raw paper frame 

High quality 5 barrel hinges

We use high quality five barrel hinges for the temples. You are able to tighten them whenever you want with ease. We also have a screwdriver specifically for our sunglasses which makes it easier than ever to keep them in top condition. If you still manage to break the screws or hinges, we offer replacement screws as well.

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