ElegaBand, The Four-in-one Multi-functional Watch Band

ElegaBand (Elega Band): The Multi-functional Smartwatch Band + ELEGAnt Strap for Classic, Sport & Smart watches -Apple, Samsung, Garmin

ElegaBand offers multi-functionality, uniqueness and ELEGAnce all in one! You can use this watch strap on all occasions and with different styles, whether formal, sports or casual. 

ElegaBand is super easy to use and allows you to have FOUR different ways of wearing your watch.

ElegaBand is created to be your ideal companion all the time, everywhere and on every occasion – whether you are going for a run in the woods, suiting up for work or slipping into your stylish party outfit!

ElegaBand makes it easier for you to monitor your stats and interact with your metrics while staying focused!

This watchband is an essential tool for any runner or cyclist or anyone who “checks their watch” for information during their activities!

ElegaBand can be the best choice for people who do activities such as motorcycling, biking, mountaineering and sports like bodybuilding, boxing, skiing and many more.

The multi-functional ElegaBand can be worn in four different and practical positions: 

  • on the hand
  • on the wrist
  • on the forearm
  •  on the arm 


It helps you use the watch’s full functionality at a glance on all occasions, especially in sports activities. 


ElegaBand can be also worn on your wrist. In this case, you will have a classy and unique watch strap that is very comfortable and can be used with formal, street or casual styles.


ElegaBand is perfect for people looking to wear it on their ankle or forearm while exercising or working in an environment where a watch can not be worn on their wrist. 

If you can’t wear anything below the elbow where you work, this band allows you to wear your watch on your arm and track your steps, heart rate, etc.


This position helps reduce issues with your smartwatch dropping heart rate readings during exercise that tend to cut circulation down around your wrists like weight lifting.

Wear this band on your arm to avoid hitting equipment when it’s on your wrist!


This ELEGAnt bag is made of high-quality leather and is very lightweight.

The size is not too big to limit you, but it is enough to put items such as house or car keys, ID/credit cards, cash, earphones, and other accessories you might need when you go for a walk.


Simply fasten the ElegaBand and its bag on your forearm and arm using a high-quality and flexible leather band. 

This armband can easily be sized due to the hook and loop tape used in its design and it’s large enough to hold arms of all sizes from 7.8 inches (20 cm) to 16 inches (40 cm).


The simplicity of swapping watchbands is one of the main functions users will fall in love with! Based on your watch type and size, we will send you the appropriate connector and pins so that you can securely fasten your watch on ElegaBand. 

Easily swap your watch from your existing band to ElegaBand!

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