Aerogogo BS2 One-Button Automatic Inflatable Sofa

Built-in Air Pump|One Button Easy Operation|2 Minutes Fast Inflation|High Pressure Resistance

Are you tired of moving bulky traditional sofa? Or need an extra sofa when gathering outdoor with friends? You may come up with a solution, air sofa is the best choice. However, the traditional air sofa either needs an extra air pump to inflate or inflating manually.

Unique and innovative design with an ultra-light built-in electric air pump (3rd generation) that adopts the original AIRVORTECH™ technology, air-powered high-speed spindle to up to 50,000RPM. Its maximum pressure and airflow rate  are increased by 3 times with its same tiny size. The high performance  3800mAh lithium battery gives you incredible battery life along with high power and maximized airflow, makes inflating faster and easier.

The air pump inflates the sofa efficiently with air pressure up to 4kPa, it can quick-fill with high pressure in 2 minutes for an armchair and 4 minutes for a loveseat. Fully inflates the Aerogogo sofa in just making a cup of coffee time. Free up your hands completely to enjoy the leisure time.

Ergonomics applied to the design of Aerogogo one-button automatic inflatable sofa. The entire sofa is evenly smooth, stretchy and high resilience. It adapts to the natural shape of the human body to ensure good support and maximum comfort. The wide backrest and stable armrests achieve the most comfortable state. Maximize your comfort and unwind your body. 

We apply the double layers design with PVC inner layer. And the adoption of high-frequency welding technology ensures a more realiable leak-proof sofa. It is also highly resisted to pressure, deformation and impact, incredibly strong and robust that can hold up to 300kg of weight.

The design of Aerogogo sofa is ultralight and foldable to just a backpack size. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor but not limited to this. Aerogogo one-touch inflatable sofa is also adaptable to car. Leave one in your car and everytime you take this magic sofa out, everyone will say you are the hero.

A lot of design research has been done by our professional team. Aerogogo BS2 one-button automatic inflatable sofa is not just an oridinary sofa.  It is designed with double layer, which is washable. The outer layer is made of high quality 300D 100% polyester fabric upholstery which is durable material with a smooth weave and a nice blue tone effect. Ensuring you have the ultimate comfort experience every time you sit; as well as enhancing the abrasion resistance of the sofa as well. 

Suitable for grass, beach, wooden floor, cement marble floor, cobblestone ground and relatively flat ground. In addition, the removable and washable outer cover makes Aerogogo inflatable sofa more user-friendly. You no longer worry about the maintenance of the sofa. Simply remove the outer cover and clean it in the washing machine.

The high performance 3800mAh lithium battery gives you incredible battery life along with high power and maximized airflow, makes inflating faster and easier. With 1 full charge, the built-in air pump can inflate an arimchair for 12 times, while loveseat for 6 times.

The built-in electric air pump of Aerogogo BS2 one-button self-inflatable sofa adopts the most advanced Type-C fast charging technology. Equipped with a safe double-lock valve, independent air nozzle, silicone anti-leaking seal for air intake valve, plus a large-diameter deflating valve to ensure quick air release for storage.

Regardless of one who moves frequently in the city; or one with limited space at home who wants a light and easy storage sofa; or those who live in the suburbs and want to rest on the sofa in their garden to enjoy leisure; or for those who love dining or camping outdoors with family and friends and get closer to nature; Aerogogo inflatable sofa applies for everyone. Only the size of a backpack, making it easy for you to carry and store. With Aerogogo one-button automatic inflatable sofa, you can enjoy a cosy and warm experience anytime and anywhere!

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