Benro Aureole: Modular 3-In-1 Drop-in Filter Adapter System

The Aureole drop-in filter adapter kit brings maximum flexibility and convenience to your creative shooting at an affordable price.

Introduce you to the Benro Aureole, a modular 3-in-1 drop-in filter mount adapter that will exceed all your expectations for a drop-in filter mount adapter. Aureole’s multifunctional filter system, with the ability to change filters without disassembly, realizes the versatile creation of stacking two filters in shots, etc. bringing you a faster, easier, and cleaner shooting experience.

Traditional filters are usually mounted in front of the lens or behind the lens, which can be troublesome to remove or replace. Not to mention that square filters also need to rely on the lens holder for mounting, which increases the weight of the entire device also.

Aureole’s drop-in filter system innovatively incorporates a dual filter mounting system, which allows you to change filters without removing the lens or adapter. This greatly reduces the tedious task of removing or replacing filters, allowing you to better focus on your creations.

With a conventional filter adapter, only round filters can be used. Filter stacking with the square graduated ND filter allows you to get more creative in your photography.

Thanks to Aureole’s innovative design, from the dual filter slots to the holder’s space optimization, it fits great for square GND filters. Furthermore, it meets the flexibility of both horizontal and vertical switching of shooting compositions.

The traditional drop-in filter adapter requires you to purchase the adapter and filter separately. Aureole comes with a filter adapter, filter holder, and filter. This greatly reduces the cost of purchasing separate adapters or filters.

BENRO Aureole series will launch more adapter ranges to meet the transition needs of different mount cameras. Below are the adapter models that have been developed so far.

We will keep collecting our backer requests for filter mount adapter models during the campaign. More filter mount adapters will be available for you to choose from after the campaign ends.

Aureole offers two filter holder types, Video and Landscape, respectively. Filter holders can be used interchangeably in different application scenarios.

BENRO Aureole is a multi-functional filter adapter. It supports electronic control in addition to the use of filter systems. It allows fast autofocus for autofocus lenses and aperture size adjustment functionality.

A universal base is designed at the bottom of Aureole. It can be directly mounted on the head with an Arca mount. With the camera and lens attached, the overall center of gravity is closer to the center, which guarantees shooting stability and safety. The base is also equipped with a 1/4-inch screw port, which can be easily installed on other products.

Aureole is mainly made of aluminum alloy. It greatly improves the stability and safety after mounting.

You can use the double filter system to realize PL, GND, and ND composition as needed. The double wheel design will help you to adjust the filters with the greater effect you’ve expected.

To reduce the impact of lenses on lens imaging, we use precision ground Japanese AGC lenses. It has the thinnest thickness of 0.3mm, then coated by a vacuum coating machine, the lens surface reflectivity <5%, 500mm resolution tester detects resolution >100lp/mm (most camera lens resolution requirement is only 60lp/mm). With a dust and waterproof film layer on the surface of the lens, it can effectively prevent dust adhesion.

With a dust and waterproof film layer on the surface of the lens, it can effectively prevent dust adhesion.

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