SYNCWIRE Magta: All-in-1 Magnetic Modular Charging Station

Magnetic, Switchable Modules | Wired & Wireless Charging | Simultaneous Multi-device Charging | Space Saving | Universal Compatibility

The SYNCWIRE Magta is an innovative charging station, designed to help users organize & fast-charge all their devices at the same time. It comes with four magnetic wireless charging modules that can be stacked, switched & detached. Brings conveniences and fun on top of charging.

SYNCWIRE Magta’s modules can be easily combined in several ways. Either stack them vertically or spread them out horizontally. No matter the setting or space, you’ll be able to charge all your devices simultaneously. On a desk, in a meeting, in the kitchen, or on a nightstand, its modular charging capability allows you to build the perfect charging combination to suit your specific charging needs.

SYNCWIRE Magta is a truly all-in-one charging station capable of charging all of your devices quickly and simultaneously. With a USB charger base that acts as the expandable charging base and multiple wireless, magnetic modules, SYNCWIRE Magta charges your phones, laptops, earbuds, Apple Watch, printers, and virtually any other USB-enabled device you have, whether you’re at home, work, or on the road.

SNYCWIRE Magta takes care of you multiple devices charging, drop your power drainage worries.

Powers your laptops, phones, earbuds, Apple Watch, printers and much more. Whatever devices need charging, SYNCWIRE Magta supports concurrent charging in an organized, efficient manner.

SYNCWIRE Magta’s modules can each be vertically stacked and simultaneously charge all your devices. Finally implement a clutter free and stress free charging zone!

Each module of Snycwire Magta is detachable and highly adaptable and able to work independently. The USB charger base can charge your laptop, phone, printer all together. Alternatively, use the power bank to charge your phone, or use the 3-in-1 charging stand to charge your earbuds, smart phone and Apple Watch simultaneously. When you need to go mobile, Syncwire Magta’s sleek, lightweight engineering allows you to just grab it and go. And when it’s time to be, Snycwire Magta doubles as a warm and cozy night light.

SYNCWIRE Magta’s each module is supported by secure magnetic charging. Simply snap your devices magnetically into place and enjoy safe and effortless wireless charging.

SNYCWIRE Magta boasts two USB-C and two USB-A ports that deliver a maximum power output of 68W. This makes SNYCWIRE Magta a perfect solution when you need to charge multiple devices, and still need some extra power for your laptop, notebook, or headphones for example. It also means SNYCWIRE Magta is the only charger you’ll need when traveling, due to its all-in-one charging ability and slim, lightweight design.

SNYCWIRE Magta supports 15W peak wireless charging, and a QI protocol, while the 3-in-1 charging stand can achieve 20W of wired charging for your phones, earbuds and Apple Watch. Your devices will be back to full power in the blink of an eye.

SNYCWIRE Magta’s exclusive technology provides multiple advanced safety features such as over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-charging protection, short circuit protection, and more for all USB ports and wireless ports(AC port is excluded). SYNCWIRE Magta meets the highest safety standards, ensuring all your devices charge safely. 

SNYCWIRE Magta has been verified by CE, FCC and PSE. Each module except night light is also UL certified, making it safer and more reliable than other power stations. You can totally rest assured.

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