CURA – 360° Plant Care

Your plant’s best friend. With horticultural lighting, automated watering, smart-home integration, and beautiful ambient lighting.

Light requirement of plants varies across their growth stages – germination, seedling, vegetative growth and flowering/ fruit bearing stages. It also vastly varies across plant types. Our aim was to make a universal product that could help anyone get the best growth with ease. The solution was to make multi-channel variable spectrum lights. To make it easy to operate, we devised Presets on an app.

Each CURA Light incorporates a majority of full-spectrum white LEDs of a certain specification, a secondary full-spectrum white with another, along with specialized reds and blues. Each Preset is a combination of these wavelengths.

There are Presets available for Herbs & Greens, Flowers & Fruits, Germination, Indoor Garden Plants and more. You could also make custom Presets for each plant and share with others.

  • High performance and high efficacy, with excellent color rendering
  • High PPFD at close distance, minimal thermal loss
  • Secondary Lens for beam focusing

No more seasonal growing, no more pushing planters to the windows. 

With CURA, you could grow around the year like its spring. When provided the ideal wavelengths, plants grow up to 50% faster than being on window sills. With the right lighting and nutrition, plant stems are thicker, leaves have more mass with shorter nodes; you would also notice quicker flowering and fruition.

No more under watering, over watering, forgetfulness or guesswork.

Within the elegant aluminum enclosure, the CURA Pump contains a peristaltic pump that operates with high precision and low noise. It runs for a few minutes every day – schedule as set with the App – and provides drip watering through the tube to the base of the plant. 

Water is drawn from the reservoir, which rests beneath the planter and could suffice for weeks, to cover a vacation. Alternatively, you could draw water from a bottle or another source besides the planter. One CURA pump could service three planters in the vicinity and is daisy-chained to the CURA Light using the included short cable.

The App brings plant care to your finger tips, even while you are away from home.
Manages all your CURA devices- Lights, Pump, Wireless Multi-sensor(stretch goal)
. Sets the ideal lights and watering schedule for every plant in just a few clicks
. Download or create your own lighting and watering preset per plant
. Share your created custom presets with others

We’re working towards making CURA truly smart. The app integrates with Apple Home-kit/Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. At this time of the product evolution, we’ve been able to test the basic functions such as turning on & off (by overriding the built-in timer) and controlling the RGB presets through voice commands. More to come soon…

CURA is the first smart grow lights for the everyday plant parent. 

With the app with smart-home integration and preset control of wavelength, along with ability to set watering schedule, it makes plant care convenient and fun. With low-power high-PPFD OSRAM LEDs it serves plants well, while blending in with living spaces with a warm welcoming glow around your plants.

Plants come in all shapes and sizes. Planters, even more so. 

Our mounts are designed to support the widest range of both, across various corners of home. All the mounts are made of powder-coated steel and could be set up in seconds. We have built easy height adjustment into all the mounts. The Wall Mount has a ratchet system which operates by turning the thumbscrew while the other two Mounts have a telescopic pole system, which dramatically increases the height within seconds.

CURA was designed as an indoor light for living spaces. We aimed to make it least obtrusive with minimal purple glare. With predominant full-spectrum White LEDs with high-CRI, sprinkled with special wavelengths of Red and Blue, coupled with secondary lenses for downward-only beam, the overall feel is natural and eye-pleasing.

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