WYN Multi-Tool Capsule

Tiny Multi-Tool Hidden in a Capsule. World’s Most Discreet and Compact Multi-Tool – Created for Your Everyday Convenience!

We were on a mission to develop a multi-tool that makes your life more convenient, so we packed the most useful tools into an extremely compact size and hid it in a discreet form of a capsule. We added a quick carabiner ring so you can attach it to anything and bring it everywhere to use.

How do we design the world’s most compact multi-tool?  We put one tool inside another, so there is no wasted space! 

Blade is the most useful tool for your Everyday Carry.  Sharp enough to cut through anything.  Small enough to carry anywhere.  

The most common form of screwdriver.  Easily fix your equipment before it falls apart.

Another versatile tool for your everyday tasks.

The round cap is a perfect shape to use as a clean touch button, so you do not have to directly touch those yucky public surfaces  Antimicrobial Copper and Brass caps are available as Add-ons.

Allow you to quickly attach to anything.  It is also used as a comfortable turning handle. 

Your best home tool is useless if you don’t have it around when you need to use it.  With its extremely compact size and discreet form, you can surely take this tool with you wherever you go.

WYN Multi-Tool Capsule is a perfect gift for any occasion.  You are not always there to give your friends or loved ones a hand, but you can give them this awesome tool to bring everywhere.  They will thank you every time they use this amazing tool

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