UND1C1 | The best soccer board game ever

UND1C1 is the ultimate soccer board game. Be the coach, choose the strategy and bring your team to victory!

Welcome to the world of UND1C1, the last soccer board game you’ll ever need!

UND1C1 is a board game for two players, each acting as the coach of a soccer team. 

– Each coach controls 11 player chips and a deck of cards

– One game lasts 45-60 minutes approximately and is composed of 20 turns. 

– At each turn, coaches can carry out up to 3 actions, and play up to 3 cards. 

You’ll need a cunning strategy to outsmart your opponent and secure the victory. 

Are you ready Coach? This is your time to shine!

Neoprene playmate for great portability

Team White

Team Black

The game includes two decks of cards. One for Team White, one for Team Black

Other game components: ball, padlocks, dice

UND1C1 has been designed to be a long-lasting product, featuring premium components and top-notch materials. We firmly believe that a game that plays beautifully, should look beautiful too. We truly hope you like it, Coach!

We’ve done our best to put together a realistic and exciting game, within the simplest possible set of rules. We wanted UND1C1 to represent soccer as faithfully as feasible: few, easy-to-learn rules providing for great fun and unpredictability. 

That was not an easy job at all. But somebody had to do it. And so we did it.

Roll it up, Coach!

UND1C1 pitch is realised in sublimated neoprene, for a unique, poker- inspired haptic feel. This material also provides for great portability: roll your pitch up, pack it and lay it down in seconds. Get ready to play anytime, anywhere!

Dissecting the pitch

While player chips can move around the pitch in any direction (by one or two boxes at a time), actions like shooting, crossing and hitting a header can only be performed from specific “action boxes”. 

Passing quadrants (groups of 4 boxes of the same color), are used to determine the distance (and hence, the difficulty) of passes and crosses. 

Coloured segments at the edge of the field (red for defenders, yellow for midfielders, green for strikers) guide coaches on where to place their starting XI at the beginning of each match, depending on each player’s preferred position.

In UND1C1, each player is represented by a round chip. Each chip displays the player’s name and kit number, as well as his preferred position and special abilities.

In the core box, you’ll find two teams: Team White and Team Black. Eternal rivals fighting for timeless glory. Which side will you take?

Team White

Team Black

Special abilities

Special abilities are one of the most iconic features in UND1C1. There are eleven in total – eight colorful and three white.

White abilities give players extra speed, extra stamina or extra strength. For example, players with a white Tractor can make one extra movement at the end of each turn. 

Colored abilities give a bonus on dice rolls: for example, a green Cannon gives a +1 when shooting on goal from far away. 

The best players in the game have black abilities too, giving you a +2 bonus on dice rolls (e.g.: Black Archer ability gives a +2 bonus every time that player attempts to cross). 

You’ll have to mix and master all special abilities, if you wish to become the best manager around.

How to use them

Coaches are allowed to play a maximum of three cards during their turn. They begin the match without cards in their hands, but they draw one at the end of each turn. 

Cards differ one from another by color, effects and duration. 

Perfecting your match-day deck

Although the Kickstarter edition of UND1C1 includes two decks of 30 cards each, coaches are only allowed to keep a maximum of 20 cards in their match-day deck. The rulebook suggests to randomly select 20 cards to compose your deck the first times you play, before every match. 

But once you get to know and master these cards cards, you’ll want to select them personally, to adapt your match-day to your personal taste and style of play – as well as to your players skills. The quest to the optimal match-day deck might be long and intricate: mix, experiment, perfect. The options are infinite!

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