Botties – Make Your Own Sneakers!

Easy to make. Sustainable. Healthy.

Are you a crafter that loves to crochet one-of-a-kind handmade items for yourself and loved ones? Or maybe you like to have fun sewing your own clothes and love how confidant you feel from wearing your selfmade clothing. Do you wish there was a way to customize your footwear, too?

We are the team behind the German brand BOTTIES® and we have found a simple solution that makes shoe making easy for everyone – we are proud to introduce you to the sustainable DIY Sneaker! Whether you are a beginner or advanced crafter, making your own DIY Sneaker will give you joy, pride, and confidence when you wear your own handmade eco-chic shoes!

Do you get excited and love the way you feel when you create something in your own unique style?

Making BOTTIES® – Sneakers is EASY! The process is simple with basic handicraft skills, a standard sewing machine or crochet hook. In a few hours you can create your shoes easily whether you are a beginner or advanced crafter! 

Do you want to wear clothing that is earth-friendly but you’re frustrated that there are no sustainable options when it comes to footwear? 

Handmade sneakers are eco-friendly, pollutant-free and can be easily recycled – there’re no glue or harmful adhesives used! In addition, BOTTIES® soles are extremely durable and reusable for several seasons.

Do you want to do something good for your feet and give them the freedom they deserve?

Feet were made to stretch, flex, roll and bend. Letting them do what they were made to do is the key to optimal foot function and pain free feet. The flexible, zero-drop BOTTIES sole and the wide toe box strengthen and train all muscles in your feet and allow them to move naturally.

Let’s get creative: There are endless possibilities to design your sustainable sneaker. Flashy and fancy or plain and simple? Let your creativity run wild! 

Do you prefer to sew or crochet?

One sole – so many possibilities

Creating your unique look is fun! Our two different sneaker patterns, Oxford and Derby, are both classics that you will love to transform into a style all your own. Both patterns come with your kit purchase. 

And what about those who prefer to work with wool? If you like to crochet, no worries! We also developed a crochet sneaker pattern, which is included in your kit 🙂

Want more DIY sneaker inspiration?

Combine your favorite colors to create unique pieces!

Mix techniques and discover whole new possibilities (Yes, the “blue-white fabric” is self-knitted with sock yarn).

Get inspired by big fashion labels and be your own shoe designer – with applications of various shapes and colors you have pleeeeeenty of options.

The sole is made of pure thermoplastic polyurethane which is partially recycled (we use at least 30% recycled material). The material is so durable that the sole can be reused again and again through multiple seasons. When they finally wear out, the sole can be sent back to us. Since no composites or adhesives are needed to make your sneakers, we grind the pure sole to make a new one. No industrially made shoe can compete with this DIY sneaker when it comes to sustainability and recycling. 

To create the perfect sole, we worked with various regional partners in Germany. Together we designed a sporty sole-shape which offers your toes sufficient space to spread and move without restriction.The 3mm thin and highly flexible sole gives you a feeling like walking barefoot and the heel cap keeps your shoe reliably on the heel of your foot without slipping.

Designed for all types of feet 

Designed to fit perfectly, regardless of your foot shape! Whether your feet are narrow, normal, or wide, we’ve developed a pattern that adapts to all foot types! This sneaker will be customized to fit YOU!

Insoles for the perfect step

To get you started, we equip our sneaker soles with a wonderfully comfortable latex foam insole. Thanks to its memory effect, it will soon form your individual footbed. The insole cushions your foot as you walk, while still giving you a barefoot feel.

Do you wear orthopedic insoles specialized for your feet? No problem! The BOTTIES® DIY Sneaker is compatible with a variety of other, also orthopedic, insoles. Choose the insole that feels good to you.

To make shoes yourself, you need the right material and small tools. We have put together everything you need, so you can order it in a handy kit!

The start is made with an “Essentials Kit” (one pair of sneaker soles with insoles). We have also added small tools and accessories with these essentials. No fabric or wool is included here: that way it stays unbeatably budget-friendly for you! If you like to experiment with materials, we encourage you to choose the Essentials Kit.

For those who are “all-inclusive” fans, our kits with fabrics or yarns are better suited. They make sure you have everything you need and use adequate material.

To be perfectly equipped as a shoe designer, you can also choose add-ons: especially if you work with your own fabrics, we recommend the stitching awl and the fringe stop. The latter is great if you want to create a cut-resistant edge. The prick awl makes it easier for you to sew to the sole if you have to work through several layers of fabric.

The second add-on includes eyelets and related tools. You will be able to choose from silver, gold and black eyelets.

Our kit components

If you have an in-between size, choose the next size up. 

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