DECODE – A Simply Freaking Great Everyday Backpack

We created the Decode Backpack to combine storage, convenience, and comfort while staying sleek.

People were finally starting to go back to work and visit loved ones again last summer. Commuting, particularly by bike and car, has increased in popularity during the pandemic, because it allows people to avoid crowded transportation and confusing restrictions.

That’s why we designed the DECODE backpack, a perfect urban backpack for commuters, which also works as a carry-on for short trips. Its versatile design, thoughtful compartments, and stash pockets not only make it ideal for catching flights but also for running errands, going to the gym, and every other stop on your day-to-day activities.

UNI-BODY Convertible Design

Collapse for compact storage

Inherited from our signature UNO backpack, DECODE is able to unzip and fold into a ridiculous compact size and pack flat with a single channel zipper. It can fit into your closet and trunk taking up very little space.

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