Silver Pillow : 24/7 Self-Cleaning Smart Pillow

Super comfy pillow that self-cleans, ventilates and protects your neck throughout the night.

The Silver Pillow is a self-cleaning smart pillow that’s designed to:

  1. Keep your pillow clean, 24 hours a day.
  2. Maintain the perfect temperature throughout the night.
  3. Ensure your neck is protected with the orthopedic curvature.
  4. Lastly,  it ensures that you’re super comfy and have a great night’s sleep.

Our cushioned base molds to your head and provides a layer of supersoft foam that bounces back and makes you feel like you’re laying on air. It always bounces back to shape when you get up.

With the power to clean itself, the casing is free of nasties and ensures your face always lies on a fresh pillow that’s on guard to protect you during the night and clean itself throughout the day.

We added a mesh layer between the case and the core to help keep things airy inside. This keeps a gap between the two sides and ensures there’s always a way for air to flow between them.

When your head is covering the top, the ventilation meshes across both sides of the pillow help maintain the flow of air to the core, making sure it can breathe freely throughout the entire night.

We use pure Silver that lasts the lifetime of the pillow. It’s machine washable and requires no setup to start cleaning itself, so you can rest easy knowing it’s clean 24 hours a day.

A soft cotton and Silver mixture is the best mix of dreamy and clean. Our argyle stitch pattern provides small raised diamonds to make everything feel more natural to sleep on.

It’s time to let go of that tired pillow you’ve had all these years. 

Upgrade your home and treat the entire family to a Silver Pillow, you’ll sleep better knowing they’re all protected.

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