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myFirst Insta Wi | HD Camera with Inkless Printer and Label

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Posted By Bernard D

Record, Snap, Print & Label anything for work, study, leisure, and even during travel or at home for kids and everyone in your family.

myFirst Insta Wi, the only All-in-One Camera and Portable Label Printer that your kid needs. Last year, we brought you the 2nd version of our instant camera series – myFirst Camera Insta 2. 

Now, we are back with even better features! Enjoy wireless photo transfers, dedicated mobile application for label editing/creation, print different sizes of labels, and lastly, a cradle is provided to rest your little cute device! 

At only 232 grams (0.51 lbs), it is portable, lightweight and compact. Together with the dedicated myFirst Insta Wi mobile application, this camera does it all –  record, snap, print and tag everything for home, school and office!

Sometimes, it’s hard for kids to control a device when buttons are small and not intuitive. Insta Wi comes with easy extra large buttons designed for kids and their cute little fingers!

You’re right, just 10 seconds! See the excitement on your kid’s face when they get printouts in 10 seconds of what they have captured. Using thermal fast print technology, photos will be printed in black and white at the quickest speed.

Every household should own an Insta Wi. This gave us the idea to specially create a cradle to house the Insta Wi. It looks great on your desk too!

With the customized power on and off button and WiFi button on the cradle, without picking up the device, you can turn on the device and start using it for label printing in just a few seconds. How convenient!

Insta Wi is much smaller in size compared to other label printers, but we are able to do more. With 57mm (2.24 inches) wide labels, you can customize the font size as big you wish or you could also choose different sizes of label and print with smaller font sizes.

Many other label printer models require an external power supply or battery while Insta Wi comes with a built-in rechargeable battery with a battery capacity of 1500mAh. With a full charge, kids can enjoy taking photos/videos for up to 5 hours.