Dride 4K | Next gen connected dashcam

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Posted By Bernard D

4K, remotely accessible, heat resistant, radar based motion detection, GPS, 4G LTE, dual cam, rear cam

Packed with 5Ghz WiFi for ultra-fast download speed and Bluetooth LE for instant notifications to your phone, Dride 4K also equipped with a 4G LTE module* to keep your Dride always online and connected.

Dride 4K was designed to be the most rigid dashcam on the planet, We’ve added an Aluminium chassis to help with heat dissipation. Removing heat from the CPU fast is crucial when the car is parked under blazing sun.

Dride4K internal camera records your in-car activity, It’s equipped with built in IR-cut that will ensure you get great picture even when it’s pitch black.

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