Nextick: Next-generation Joystick 3D Mouse

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Posted By Bernard D

The only joystick mouse that combines all the functions of a regular mouse and a macro keyboard

Nexstick is a joystick-type mouse that combines the functionalities of a 3D mouse and macro keyboard. It provides a convenient computing environment for paperwork, web surfing, presentation, and multimedia control.

Unlike an air mouse, Nextick operates the same way as a conventional mouse but provides the motion range of three-dimensional space. It’s a fully functioning mouse that enables cursor movement, clicking, double-clicking, right-clicking, and scrolling.

Nextick provides 3D motion range for conventional 2D devices such as a touchscreen and computer mouse as well as a macro keyboard button that can be set and scheduled.

It works just the same as a regular mouse but with enhanced features to conduct better office work, web surfing, presentations and multimedia operations

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