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BassMe Gamer – Wearable Haptic Subwoofer

Following the success of the BassMe +, after 10 000 pcs sold, we worked on the Gamer version, which allows simple connectivity, with zero Latency, and better immersion.

Don’t just listen. Feel your games. With the power of a personal subwoofer on your chest, BassMe Gamer propels the sound into your heart the way it was intended to be experienced by combining a state-of-the-art sound wave and vibration system.

Today, more and more entertainment content such as video games are consumed without sound systems or via mobile devices. The problem is that when listening with earphones, you don’t get that full feeling. You don’t feel every aspect of the sound, immersing you into another level. With BassMe Gamer, don’t simply play your favorite games, win them.

Unfortunately, many listeners raise the volume to crazy high levels in an effort to get that  “kick”, an emotional auditory we all want when playing games. BassMe Gamer delivers the vibes exactly where we want them to be: straight into your chest.

BassMe Gamer was designed by game lovers looking to enhance their sound and game experience. No matter what kind of game you are playing, BassMe Gamer can be there for you. Your comfort is our priority through its ergonomic design and “soft touch” material.

Simply connect your headset via jack cable and place BassMe Gamer on your right shoulder. Then, connect it to your computer, console, laptop, gaming gear, or virtual reality headset, and start your video games for a unique and immersive experience. The subwoofer should be installed in the center of the chest, at the sternum, in order to use the ribcage as a sounding board.

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