Next-Gen Folding Automatic Film Change Sunglasses

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Posted By Bernard D

Jinsley—Smart Foldable Shades with Blue-Light Defense

Jinsley is the next stage in the smart sunglasses revolution. Design to protect your eyes whether you’re out in the sun or staring at a screen, these convenient foldable glasses leverage advanced technology to filter our harmful light and rays in the most stylish and functional way possible.

Indoor anti-blue light
These smart sunglasses with an advanced anti-glare coating to boot. Indoors, automatically change the color of the lens to turn on the blue light protection mode.

Outdoor UV protection
When outdoors, Jinsley automatically transforms into sunglasses to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Jinsley proves you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function, or vice versa. With these smart babies in your pocket, you can whip them out anytime and instantly boost your street cred with sleek shades that are just as fashionable as they are functional and practical. We’ve spent years refining our design, paying deep attention to detail to bring you shades you’ll fall so deeply in love with, you’ll never want to take them off.

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